Windows 365 new features

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Microsoft have announced a range of new features for Windows 365 that all serve to make it a more interesting and robust offering. The 2 that most interest me are:

Windows 365 Boot

Enabled by a local install of Windows 11, this features enables users to boot straight into their cloud pc instance from login. Microsoft use the example of a shared device where each user’s login takes them to their personalised Windows 365 device.

Windows 365 Offline

Pretty much the biggest issue with any cloud based service is “what about when I haven’t got internet?” such as when working on a train or simply a dodgy internet connection. With this upcoming feature, users can work offline and then changes will sync with the cloud once connectivity is regained.

I’m still not totally convinced by Windows 365 – particularly due to its cost – but these additions definitely help its case.


Microsoft announcement

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