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If you need help with Microsoft licensing, get in touch. I offer a range of defined and bespoke services to help people and organisations succeed with Microsoft including:

  • Licensing training across the portfolio of products
  • Advice on specific licensing options for projects/migrations etc.
  • How to license in cloud and hybrid scenarios
  • Understanding the Microsoft product roadmap
  • Updates on changes during your contract
  • Reviews to identify cost savings

I’ve been working with Microsoft licensing for 15+ years as a reseller, a trainer, a consultant, and an analyst – helping organisations to understand and optimise Microsoft’s ever expanding range of products. Given my wide range of experience, I’m able to help both customers and partners with training, advice, and support.

What products do I cover?

I work with the vast majority of the Microsoft portfolio including:

meaning I can help you with both legacy infrastructure and projects to modernise workloads.

Get in touch via email here or connect with me on LinkedIn and drop me a message.

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