Microsoft Defender for Cloud pricing

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a relatively new product name – created through a combination of “Azure Defender” and “Azure Security Center” – and is Microsoft’s solution for “cloud security posture management” (CSPM) and “cloud workload protection” (CWP).

It works not only in Azure but also Amazon AWS and Google GCP and hybrid scenarios via Azure Arc.

Licensing & Pricing

The main thing to understand is that Microsoft Defender for Cloud isn’t one thing, it is an umbrella for several separate products that all have their own costs.

Resource TypePrice
Microsoft Defender for Servers Plan 1£0.006/Server/hour
Microsoft Defender for Servers Plan 2£0.016/Server/hour
Included data – 500 MB/day
Microsoft Defender for Containers£0.0072/vCore/hour
Microsoft Defender for SQL on Azure£0.016/Instance/hour
Microsoft Defender for SQL outside Azure£0.012/vCore/hour
Microsoft Defender for MySQL£11.420/Instance/month
Microsoft Defender for PostgreSQL£11.420/Instance/month
Microsoft Defender for MariaDB£0.016/Instance/hour
Microsoft Defender for Storage£0.016/10K transactions
Microsoft Defender for App Service£0.016/App Service/hour
Microsoft Defender for Key Vault£0.02/10K transactions
Microsoft Defender for ARM£3.046/1M API calls
Microsoft Defender for DNS£0.533/1M Queries
Microsoft Defender for IoT agentless monitoring£107 per month per 100 monitored devices

Microsoft Defender for IoT agentless monitoring covers existing environments and is deployed on-premises. It can be connected to Microsoft Sentinel with no additional Sentinel charges – but it will require an IoT Hub which costs between £7.61 – £1903.17 per month.

For new IoT devices deployed via Azure IoT Hub, Defender pricing is:

Defender for IoT for devices managed by IoT Hub – by device£0.0008/month
Defender for IoT for devices managed by IoT Hub – by messages£0.153/25K transactions

Both of these offer free usage for the first 30 days and then the pricing kicks in, so be aware of what things people are turning on within your organisation.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Free Tier

This is enabled on all Azure subscriptions when you visit the Defender for Cloud section of the Azure portal and includes:

  • Continuous assessment
  • Security recommendations
  • Secure Score for Azure
  • Secure Score for AWS

Further Reading

The Microsoft Defender for Cloud page is here.

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