Office 2010: Installing the RTM

The Office 2010 Beta was downloaded and used by millions of people the world over and I imagine that most of them, like me, used it in a live environment; at home and/or at work. (I’ve never met anyone with a dedicated beta machine!)

Well the RTM (Release to Manufacture) version is available now to those of us with Software Assurance, TechNet or MSDN and from June 15th for FPP (Fully Packaged Product) boxed copies. This is great news as there are a few new additions and tweaks, plus you don’t have to worry about it expiring halfway through an important presentation in the future 🙂 There is however a downside to this:

There is no upgrade path from Office 2010 Beta to Office 2010 RTM

What do I do?

You need to completely uninstall the Office 2010 beta from your machine, but in itself, this often isn’t enough. You must also uninstall a number of other products, otherwise you’ll have problems! The total products you must remove are:

  1. Office 2010 Pro Plus Beta
  2. Sharepoint Designer 2010
  3. Project 2010
  4. Visio 2010
  5. Hotmail Connector for Office 2010
  6. SQL PowerPivot


I don’t think it would ever have occurred to me that PowerPivot was going to cause me issues, but it did! Luckily I got this list from a friendly neighbourhood Microsoftie before I lost my entire afternoon 🙂

Also, on my home machine I’m pretty sure the Hotmail Connector would have caught me out…but not now, oh no!

Hopefully you’ll see this before you start your RTM install process and potentially lose your afternoon/day/hair/mind 😉

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