Microsoft PowerApps now include AI credits

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Amongst the various elements of the Power Platform, Microsoft offer AI Builder credits. These are used whenever a creation needs to use the power of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence offerings – say for translating or scanning documents. Historically, these have been included with the Power Automate per User w/Attended RPA plan but an additional charge for all other Power Automate and PowerApps licenses.

However, according to a tweet* from Ryan Cunningham – the product lead for Microsoft PowerApps – they are now including AI Builder Credits with all per User and per App licenses…including those already purchased.

He also states that the API request limits are being increased from 5,000 per user per day to 40,000 per user per day.

*I know that tweets aren’t exactly the most legit of sources for licensing information and I will definitely be looking for this to be reflected in product documentation, licensing guides, and the Product Terms…but you’d hope it’s accurate!

Update December 9th, 2021

The new Power Platform licensing guide confirms the AI Builder additions:

Power Apps per App = 250 credits

Power Apps per User = 500 credits

Interestingly, there is a cap on accrued credits of 1,000,000…that equates to 4,000 Per App licenses or 2,000 Per User licenses and is worth $500 per month. This means large organisations will still find themselves spending money on AI Builder credits.

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