Nokia Music+: Nokia comes to the desktop

Nokia Music is a brilliant app included with Lumia Windows Phone devices, free of charge (see all about that app here) – and now Nokia are taking it further with Music+. Not just enhancing the mobile experience but also extending it to the desktop.

What’s it all about?

Unlimited Skips – The limited ability to skip songs is one of my main issues with the free app, but Music+ changes that – allowing you to skip as many songs as needed. Although the song selections are usually great, it’s good to have full control.

Unlimited Downloads – The free app lets you download 4 “mixes” to listen to offline, Music+ takes away that limitation.

Higher Quality – The paid for Nokia Music+ app gives you 8 x the quality when downloading tracks.

Lyric Streaming – Helps you make sure you’ve got that catchy hook right before you break it out in the canteen at work.

On the Desktop – This could be the biggest attraction, and also the part that most competes with Microsoft’s Xbox Music – “A web-app gives you the ability to play Mixes on your computer, smart TV or other connected screens.”

These are all excellent additions to what is already a great offering so the big question is:

How Much?

$3.99/€399 so I assume £3.99 too.

This makes it half the price of the Xbox Music Pass…and I can’t see a reason one would go with Xbox over Music+ once this rolls out over the next few weeks?

See more on this here:

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