Nokia Music+: Nokia comes to the desktop

Nokia Music is a brilliant app included with Lumia Windows Phone devices, free of charge (see all about that app here) – and now Nokia are taking it further with Music+. Not just enhancing the mobile experience but also extending it to the desktop.

What’s it all about?

Unlimited Skips – The limited ability to skip songs is one of my main issues with the free app, but Music+ changes that – allowing you to skip as many songs as needed. Although the song selections are usually great, it’s good to have full control.

Unlimited Downloads – The free app lets you download 4 “mixes” to listen to offline, Music+ takes away that limitation.

Higher Quality – The paid for Nokia Music+ app gives you 8 x the quality when downloading tracks.

Lyric Streaming – Helps you make sure you’ve got that catchy hook right before you break it out in the canteen at work.

On the Desktop – This could be the biggest attraction, and also the part that most competes with Microsoft’s Xbox Music – “A web-app gives you the ability to play Mixes on your computer, smart TV or other connected screens.”

These are all excellent additions to what is already a great offering so the big question is:

How Much?

$3.99/€399 so I assume £3.99 too.

This makes it half the price of the Xbox Music Pass…and I can’t see a reason one would go with Xbox over Music+ once this rolls out over the next few weeks?

See more on this here:

Nokia Music: A look inside

Nokia Music is a free app that comes bundled with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices, and offers a wide range of music and services. I can see this being enough to swing some people towards a Lumia over any other WP device, but I’m not sure enough people know about it – so here’s a little run down.

Nokia Music gives you access to 100’s of hours of music, for free, across a wide range of genres. When you enter the app, you see a “most recent” screen next to a screen listing the available sections:

Nokia Music 9Nokia Music 6

Scroll across and you come to “Mix Radio:

Nokia Music 4Nokia Music 10Nokia Music 8

where you can choose from pre-made song mixes based on a variety of genres. Quite the collection as you can see:

 Nokia Music 5Nokia Music 12 Nokia Music 13

You can easily create your own mixes. It asks you to input 3 artists and then builds a selection around those:

Nokia Music 3

These can then be downloaded (up to a maximum of 4) so you can listen to them offline. This is a great and very handy feature, especially if your local music collection is limited and/or played out!

Nokia Music 1

Another neat feature is the ability to scan the music collection on you PC and build a music profile from that:

 Nokia Music 2  

Finally, the Nokia Music store allows you to purchase songs and albums to download and keep:

  Nokia Music 7  

I’ve been using it more and more over the last few weeks and I find it to be great. It’s brilliant for both discovering new songs and hearing those old songs you may have forgotten about. If you’re looking at Windows Phone but can’t decide which one, hopefully this helps gives you an idea of what’s available with Nokia Lumia devices.

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Device

Windows Phone 8 is not far away and today we’ve seen sneak previews of 2 devices that will surely be revealed at Nokia’s event on September 5th, alongside Microsoft.

Nokia Lumia 920


What will it include?

  • Wireless Charging
  • 32GB Storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU
  • 4.5” HD Display
  • Front Facing Camera

The Verge also report that the camera will be branded as “PureView” but will be 8MP rather than 41 as on the Nokia 808. Until my Lumia 800, I’ve never had a Nokia nor have I had any interest in Nokia if I’m honest, so I haven’t come across the PureView brand before. What I gather is that it’s a kick-ass camera and people are upset that this has just 8 megapixels yet is being branded as PureView. Nokia say there have been advancements in image stabilization & software that mean they can brand it as such which seems reasonable to me, we all know that megapixels aren’t everything 🙂

This looks like it could well be my next phone…double the storage which will be great for my ever more eclectic music taste, a front facing camera for making use of the baked in Skype features and WIRELESS CHARGING – that is some Star Trek stuff right there!

Here’s a picture of the wireless charging mat via @evleaks:


Nokia & Microsoft Office 365

I today received an email from Nokia telling me that the “1st Nokia Partner Network Event” is imminent on the 23rd November 2011 at The National Space Centre, Leicester

I’ve never been aware of Nokia particularly having partners of the sort that would have events like this…as their business isn’t really the same as Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, HP etc., so it surprised me a little.

There are 3 breakouts:

  • Retailers/Online
  • B2B Dealer
  • IT Reseller

and it’s the 3rd one that caught my eye due to the first 2 sessions:


So not only are Nokia making a huge play in the consumer arena with Windows Phone 7, it seems they’re going to start introducing their devices into the corporate space, by playing on some of the enhancements found within the recent Mango update. That update brought full support for Microsoft’s Office 365, their cloud based Exchange/Lync/Sharepoint offering, allowing WP users full access to Sharepoint lists and document libraries.

I’m keen to see where Nokia’s involvement with Office 365 takes them, us as partners and Microsoft too. That said I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the event…anyone out there planning on going that can take notes for me? Smile

Nokia Windows Phones – Marketing

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has been getting stronger recently with the awesome Mango (v7.5) update and it’s 500 new features, new adverts and now, what may well be it’s biggest shot in the arm…Nokia.

Much was made of the news earlier this year that Nokia were to start making Windows Phone devices, that Microsoft had given them 1 Billion dollars, this that and the other…and many wondered if it was really going to make any difference.

Well the answer seems to be a resounding…YES!

Following on from the Nokia World (Weds 26/10/11) announcements of the Lumia 710 & 800, there has been a flurry of activity. Nokia have given a Lumia 800 device to all the finalists on the X-Factor…while this isn’t my favourite show (far from it!) it is HUGELY popular with teenagers and young adults…I guess 13-30 overall…which clearly covers a big focus demographic for Microsoft. If Kitty, Johnny, Misha B (<—check me out Smile) et al are extolling the virtues of WP7 then surely that will translate into sales for Microsoft & Nokia.

Hand in hand with that though, is making sure that people can find the devices to test out and ultimately buy. This is something that many of the OEM’s have been quite poor at arranging…but not Nokia:


Picture courtesy of Oliver Haslam (@theiBlog) via Twitter via Tom Warren (@tomwarren)

That’s a photo of the Nokia device already at Point of Sale in a Phones4U store here in the UK – good work Nokia!

Nokia Windows Phone Devices

Microsoft & Nokia have joined forces to improve, build and push Windows Phone 7 going forwards, this we know. Now the rumours and conjecture have moved, logically, to the next thing – what will Nokia’s first device be, and when will we get them?!

I’ve never had a Nokia.

I’ve had numerous other phones (Motorola, HTC etc) over the years but never Finland’s biggest (?) export, and that’s mainly been down to the OS. I’ve long admired their hardware but couldn’t make friends with the Symbian Operating System…so this could be a first for me now they’ll be running Windows Phone 7. Actually, my Samsung Omnia 7 is the first Samsung device I’ve ever had come to think of it…anyway, back to the Nokia devices!

According to various sources on the internet, the first Windows Phone 7 from Nokia will be the “W7”…based on the Nokia X7 innards but looking like the HTC Mozart. However continuing Nokia’s theme for great cameras, it will have 8 Mega Pixels and a flash.

The next device will be the W8, based on the current N8, although there are apparently a dozen Nokia WP7 devices coming in 2012…should be good times!


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