Nokia Music: A look inside

Nokia Music is a free app that comes bundled with Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices, and offers a wide range of music and services. I can see this being enough to swing some people towards a Lumia over any other WP device, but I’m not sure enough people know about it – so here’s a little run down.

Nokia Music gives you access to 100’s of hours of music, for free, across a wide range of genres. When you enter the app, you see a “most recent” screen next to a screen listing the available sections:

Nokia Music 9Nokia Music 6

Scroll across and you come to “Mix Radio:

Nokia Music 4Nokia Music 10Nokia Music 8

where you can choose from pre-made song mixes based on a variety of genres. Quite the collection as you can see:

 Nokia Music 5Nokia Music 12 Nokia Music 13

You can easily create your own mixes. It asks you to input 3 artists and then builds a selection around those:

Nokia Music 3

These can then be downloaded (up to a maximum of 4) so you can listen to them offline. This is a great and very handy feature, especially if your local music collection is limited and/or played out!

Nokia Music 1

Another neat feature is the ability to scan the music collection on you PC and build a music profile from that:

 Nokia Music 2  

Finally, the Nokia Music store allows you to purchase songs and albums to download and keep:

  Nokia Music 7  

I’ve been using it more and more over the last few weeks and I find it to be great. It’s brilliant for both discovering new songs and hearing those old songs you may have forgotten about. If you’re looking at Windows Phone but can’t decide which one, hopefully this helps gives you an idea of what’s available with Nokia Lumia devices.

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