Office 2013 Upgrade program

It seems that Office 2013 will appear on the Volume License (VL) price lists from October, despite not being released for around another 6 months. Could this be because the Surface RT tablets, to be released on October 26th, will include Office 2013 and Microsoft feel the need/must have it on the VL price lists for some reason? I’m not sure but it seems odd that it will be on there SO far prior to the availability of the next version of Office.

Microsoft are also, so it seems, gearing up to start a tech guarantee program whereby people who buy Office 2010 will receive a guaranteed upgrade to Office 2013 upon it’s release.

Will it be free like the last Office tech guarantee program or will there be a small charge like the Windows 8 upgrade program? We don’t know but either way it’s a good offer!

ZDNet’s Mary Jo has more details over on her blog:

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