Microsoft Product Activation: How to contact

Microsoft Product Activation are the guys you need to contact for anything to do with licence keys.

For instance say you’ve bought Project 2010 but want/need to downgrade to 2003 (for some reason!). You’ll only get 2010 & 2007 in VLSC so to get a 2003 licence key you’ll need to speak to Product Activation. For me at least it’s one of those numbers that I’ve used in the past but I can NEVER remember it and although I ALWAYS make a note of it each time I find it, I can NEVER find that either! So having just done it again I thought I’d do a quick post to make it easier for me, and everyone else to find 🙂

The UK number is:

0800 018 8354

and the complete list can be found at:

ps: If downgrading 2 or more versions, you’ll also need to provide your own media.

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