Microsoft BPOS New Features: July 2009

Microsoft Online/BPOS has been getting new features and improvement each month since launch, and July is no different! This month sees:

Increase in the size of Sharepoint Uploads: The max. file size you can upload to Sharepoint Online has increased from 50MB to 250MB. This is a great improvment as it’s been causing me problems recently-(it seems all the files I need to use are 60MB +) and affecting my evangelism of the product…I can’t see me needing to go over this new limit though.

Live Meeting Attendee Increase: You can now have 250 meeting attendees, this is increased from 15 previously. This will be available to new customer from July 13th and existing customers from August 13th.

Worldwide User Provisioning: Administrators can now assign licences to worldwide users-this new feature will be of great interest to BPOS users with international locations. Previously you could only deploy BPOS to users in countries where BPOS was available to purchase, but not anymore…this gives much more freedom to bigger corporates.

Also, BPOS is available in India now and the trial sign up process has been significantly streamlined-with user actions being reduced by 75%! It also integrates with Live ID better, so I guess you won’t have to enter all your details again now.

The MS Online blog post is here.

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