Microsoft StickySorter

StickySorter is a new development by Microsoft’s Office Lab team, and looks jsut as great and useful as PPTplex.

Sticky Sorter lets you create and arrange virtual sticky notes, as often used for affinity diagramming. There are a number of programs out there that let you do this, but as always, Microsoft have brought something new to the table 🙂

The full post with more background info etc is available over at the Office Labs site here, but for a break down of it’s unique features:

·         Import and Exportinformation in csv format, a standard format that is compatible with many other applications such as Excel and Access.

·         Create and Label Groups of notes and save that information along with the notes themselves.
Other virtual note applications allow you move notes close to one another as the only means of grouping. StickySorter goes beyond this: it stores group information as a property of the individual notes so it can be saved and used for other tasks.  It also allows you move and manipulate groups with ease.

·         Display Structured Informationon a note. StickySorter allows you to create notes that have multiple fields—a title, description, and author, for example—rather than a single block of text.  Like groups, this field information is saved with the notes so it can be used for other tasks.

·         Create Custom Views of your information.  In addition to allowing you to define multiple fields on a note, StickySorter allows you to choose which fields you want to display. This is handy when you import information that has multiple fields but you only need to see a couple of them for sorting and organizing.

·         Work with Large Collections of notes.   StickySorter has a number of features that make it easier to work with large numbers of notes, including panning and zooming on an infinite canvas; tiling, cascading, and piling notes; setting note colors; searching for text within notes, and much more.

You can download StickySorter here and see more info, including help videos here.

This is yet anotehr example of Microsoft, especially the Office Labs team, bringing something fresh and unique to the game that’s actually going to help people too!

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