Adobe Flash on Mobile Devices

Adobe Flash Player 10 is coming to Windows Mobile devices! Over at the Adobe MAX tech conference, they will today demonstrate FULL Flash 10 running on a Windows Mobile device…

This would be pretty great, as I find Flash to be one of the big differences between mobile & desktop browsing. It’s not going to start shipping on devices until late next year (2009) so it looks like it will be a Windows Mobile 7 feature.

There’s going to be an Android version, but quite possible nothing for the iPhone-due to Apple’s objections. Engadget reveal that there was indeed a demo of Flash running on the G1 at the Adobe event yesterday, so for all you Android users it will hopefully be available in the Marketplace within the next 15 months…

You can see more info over at Mobile Crunch.

*UPDATE* According to Engadget, BSQUARE have announced that they’re porting Adobe FLash to the Android G1. It’s unclear how this relates to the demo mentioned above but BSQUARe bought “NEC’s Adobe(R) Flash(R) Technology Consulting and Distribution business 12 months ago, and has done Android work for other customers” so they should know what they’re up to!

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