Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform is here..the actual name for Red Dog, Strata et al is with us.

LIve Services, .NET Services, SQL Services, Sharepoint Services & Dynamic CRM Services all sit on top of Windows Azure and support the Online versions of Microsoft’s key software including Live, Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and CRM Online.

The Azure Platform
The Azure Platform

Azure will enable people to build and use completely new services in the Cloud, at a lower price point than before.

Pay as you grow and reduce costs. Pay for the services you use and reduce the capital costs associated with purchasing hardware and infrastructure. Reduce operational costs by running applications on the services platform and decrease the need for maintaining on-premises infrastructure. Increase business efficiency and agility by dynamically adding and subtracting capacity in real time. Envision building an e-commerce Web site that you can scale at the click of a mouse to meet seasonal demands or spikes in traffic based on sales and promotions. The Azure Services Platform helps reduce IT-related costs, freeing up time and capital to focus on your core business. runs atop Windows Azure.

I’m really excited about this, both as a Microsoft “Enthusiast”/Fanboy (depending who you ask!) and a Microsoft Partner. I get the impression that Azure is going to take us to some pretty amazing places; as business partners, customers and web users we’re witnessing something special!

A big shout out to Steve Clayton for breaking this news to us 🙂

If you’re a developer and want to try out Azure for yourself, you can register for the Community Technology Preview (CTP) here.

Mary Jo Foley has got a nice breakdown of how Azure is composed. She also mentions that MS have committed to delivering Microsoft Hosted versions of all it’s Enterprise apps; she mentions that she’s heard rumours of ForeFront Online & System Center Online already!

Microsoft are really making a big push on Software+Services and as a Gold Partner actively looking into S+S, these PDC announcements are very interesting.

2 Replies to “Microsoft Windows Azure”

  1. I can’t help but notice they keep on referring to it as a cloud. Doesn’t that mean you are expected to pay for nothing? A cloud is not solid and never will be. Cloud is also defined as – Suspicion or a charge affecting a reputation. or Something that darkens or fills with gloom. or Something that obscures. idiom: 1. Imaginary; unreal; fanciful. 2. Impractical.

    There is also the data security issue. Everyones work is stored on Microsoft’s computers. Makes it much easier for Microsoft to spy on those duped into sign up and steal their programs. Microsoft couldn’t get XP or Vista working right what makes you think that they will be successful this time around? Microsoft has become stagnate. It appears to me that they are working on a scheme to steal ideas from unsuspecting computer programmers.

  2. Hi Paul,

    First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    I’m sorry that you seem to have such an untrusting view of Microsoft, it really isn’t like that at all.
    There are many things in life that we are all happy to pay for despite receving nothing physical back – a big example being insurance (health, car etc) and with this, you get access to the services so you in fact get more back.
    There is a lot of “Cloud” Computing in use already…Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail etc..all these are examples of Cloud Computing..there is nothing installed on your desktop and you access it via the web plus all your emails etc are stored on their you use any form of web mail?
    The data security issue you mention is another common charge levelled at Microsoft and is really a case of people unfairly picking on Microsoft. There are 1000’s of companies around the world that store people’s personal data (banks, insurance firms, companies with staff, shops, e-tailers etc) and no-one thinks they will steal your data…it’s even less likely that Microsoft would steal people’s programs.
    Although they are stored on Microsoft’s servers, the Intellectual Property rights still belong to the developer and they will have local data as well. The sheer bad publicity and loss of faith in Microsoft if such an incident ever happened guarantee that it never will.
    Even if I were to agree that XP & Vista don’t work (which I don’t), Microsoft make dozens of industry leading applications that support business from small companies through to Enterprises across the world, every day facilitating the transfer and earning of millions if not billions of dollars of revenue. If their products really were as bad as people say, companies simply wouldn’t use them.
    I hope this helps your views of Microsoft..


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