Microsoft System Center Ops Manager 2007-Gartner Report

Microsoft System Center Ops Manager 2007 is the subject of a Garnter report which can be found here.

It contains some good bits and some bad bits, but over all SCOM 2007 gets a good review, particularly for Windows environments. Gartner point out that it’s heterogeneous capabilities aren’t yet as strong as it’s competitiors which is true, but we’re not far from a new version!

On the subject of Microsoft System Center Ops Manager 2009. the Gartner reports includes information that Microsoft have partnered with EMC which will enable the new version “to have the potential to significantly increase its network management capabilities, including EMC’s network topology discovery and health monitoring capabilities.”

Gartner sign off with “in Microsoft Windows-centric environments, its presence will continue to grow, resulting in an overall gain in ECA market share” which is certainly promising. I’d be interested to see a similar report once SCOM 2009 is out in the wild..

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