Office 2010 New Feature Videos

One of the main things I did in preparation for BETT 2010 was create a bunch of videos showing some of the new features in Office 2010. I can talk about them ‘til the cows come home, but it’s always better to see things where possible. The videos were very well received and Office 2010 got a LOT of positive feedback…June should be an exciting time 🙂

Anyway, I thought I’d put the videos up on here too and hopefully you’ll find them just as interesting & useful as our stand visitors did last week…enjoy!

Background Removal:

This is a great feature in Word 2010, making in nice and easy to remove all or part of a picture’s background.


Broadcast PowerPoint:

This feature lets you “broadcast” your presentation over the net by giving you a link to share with whoever you need to…allowing people to see your .pptx as long as they have an internet connection:

Insert Web Video:

Inserting videos from sites such as YouTube has always been a bit of a pain in Powerpoint…but no more! Powerpoint 2010 makes it super easy…teachers loved this at BETT.

Edit video inside Powerpoint:

Inserting videos into Powerpoint has been available for ages, but any editing you needed to do-even basic stuff-has required a 3rd party product. Again, Powerpoint 2010 makes it easier by enabling you to edit the video without leaving the program. Here I’m trimming a bit of Shooting Stars 🙂

Powerpoint Video Effects:

More built in video editing here with shadows, borders, reflections and more being easily applied within Powerpoint 2010.

Create a Video:

You’ve made a presentation and now you need to make it available as a video file, rather than a slideshow. I believe most people use Windows Movie Maker to do this currently but, with 2010, it’s again all done inside Powerpoint.

Save to Skydrive/Sharepoint:

This is a great new feature. It lets you save to your Live Skydrive (25GB free storage!) directly from the Office applications…no more save to folder then upload to Skydrive…it’s all one nice, smooth action 🙂 I don’t do it in the video but you can see there is also exactly the same thing to save to Sharepoint, which should really help drive adoption of Sharepoint in schools. From various discussions I’ve had, many people see Sharepoint as an extra step so:

Create Document > Save to Folder > Upload to Sharepoint

and this leads to many people just not bothering as it’s more work and they perhaps don’t see the point of it. Having the ability to save directly to their MOSS site will cut that out and make it just as easy as it’s always been 🙂

Word Navigation Pane:

This is quite a small new feature, but I love it! The navigation pane picks up all the  headings, sub-headings etc and enables you to use them to navigate documents; making large documents much less painful!

MS Exam 70-680 training videos

Exam 70-680 is the new Microsoft MCTS exam for Configuring Windows 7 that builds towards the MCITP accreditations.

I’ve been thinking of taking this exam for a little while and now there is what’s shaping up to be an excellent series of training videos available from @Bibbleq. He’s an IT Admin and has started putting these videos together in his spare time to help out anyone looking at this exam – so ‘nuff respect for that 🙂

I’ve watched the 1st 2 videos that are available and they’re really good. Well presented, clear and I’ve definitely picked up a thing or two, which is what it’s all about isn’t it?! I’m not sure how many will be in the series but I’m confident that once you’ve seen them all, you’ll be in a position to pretty much go and take the exam straight away!

First video is here.

Second video is here.

Third video is here.

Fourth video is here. This is the start of Section 2.

Section 2 Module 2 is here. This covers DISM & ImageX.

Homepage is here.

Nice one Bibbleq!

Microsoft: The New Efficiency

At today’s “New Efficiency” launch event, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke about Windows 7 deployments and how customers can save money with the latest OS. He particularly mentioned that Windows 7 “will bring $90-$160 saving per pc per year”.

He also discussed the “Consumerisation of IT”, where users bring/force change in Corporate IT via their expectations from using software at home. He said that it isn’t a new phenomenon (it just has a new name) and that it will continue to be a huge driving force in the way that software is designed and used-such as the extra social networking features being added into Office, Exchange & Sharepoint.

This all led to the launch of a new website:

which contains dozens of videos from MS execs covering topics such as:

  • Discover Windows Optimized Desktop
  • Learn about Optimized Server
  • Experience Unified Communications
  • Explore Business Ready Security

There are a bunch of videos on Exchange 2010 such as:

  • Upgrade & Deployment
  • High Availability
  • Mobility & Active Sync
  • Email Archiving

and more. These are a great source of information on Exchange 2010, some of which I’ve collected here.

The banner below is a great representation of the products & ideas behind the New Efficiency.


There are way too many sessions to list here but MS have put together some suggested sessions listings for:

  • Enterprises
  • Mid-Size
  • SMB’s

They contain links to the videos on the New Efficiency site and can be downloaded from my SkyDrive here.

Fixing wmv files in IE8

I just clicked a link to play a .WMV video and was greeted by a “Page can’t be displayed” window. This was odd as I’ve done it plenty of times before, although I couldn’t remember the last time.

I did a quick Bing and came across a blog post from Eric Richards, an Office developer over at MS Redmond.

He too had that issue and points towards MS KB article KB974538. The inability to play .wmv files seems to be a knock on effect of installing the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The KB article gives you some text to copy into a reg file which, and I can confirm this, will fix the problem. The fix for Windows 7 is:

This issue can be avoided if the following registry keys are present, which reset the file associations to original Windows 7 settings:

  1. On an account with Administration privileges, choose Start and type notepad.exe.
  2. Copy and paste the contents of the box below.
  3. Save the file as fix.reg.
  4. Double-click on the fix.reg file to add it to your registry.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

(Copy the text between the dashed lines)

More info and the fix for Vista can be found by in the full article.

I’m glad it was such a quick fix and thanks to Eric 🙂

New Symantec Security Ads

I’m not a huge fan of Symantec to be honest. Although I’m a fan of Backup Exec, Enterprise Vault etc that is still love for Veritas and so it’s rare I deal with Symantec security products at work or at home; that being said-these new adverts are pretty wicked 🙂

They’re just how I like adverts-funny, quirky, a bit odd, don’t take themselves too seriously, aren’t pulled from a “How to make an advert for Dummies” book and still get the point across.

Caterpillar vs Kimbo Slice:

Chicken vs Dokken:

Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy.

New Raekwon Joint

I’ve just been watching the new Raekwon video for one of the tracks of his upcoming “Only Built 4 Cuban Links II” album and it’s freakin awesome!

I’ve been a fan of the Wu-Tang ever since 36 Chambers so a good 16 years now (blimey!) but even I have to admit that the last few albums haven’t been as classic as those of yesteryear. 8 Diagrams had a couple of good tracks and some wicked samples but we’ve not seen a “Protect Your Neck”, “Wu-Tang Ain’t Nuttin to F**K Wit”, “It’s Yourz”, “Hellz Windz Staff”, “Incarcerated Scarfaces” or “Liquid Swords” for quite some time…but I think that might be about to change 🙂

This new track is called “House of Flying Daggers” and features Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, GZA, Ghostface and Method Man-with production by the late J-Dilla and RZA’s in there too hooking it up with some fly kung-fu flick soundbites! This song really takes me back to the good old days of the Wu, I couldn’t keep my head form nodding 😉

I can’t embed it so go check it out over at Vapors Magazine here.

image image image image image image image image

ps: The album drops September 7th according to HMV’s site!

NFL Stars show some skills

I’m not a huge fan of NFL to be honest. I’ve tried watching a few Superbowls and I’m of the opinion that when it’s good, it’s pretty good…but when it isn’t good-it’s really boring-and that seems to be the majority of the time! I’d also never really considered that NFL stars have got “mad skills” for tricks and fancy show off party tricks…but this video shows that they certainly have!

We’re all used to football (soccer) players showing off and also those is the world of basketball but this is something I’d never seen before-and it’s pretty amazing…enjoy 🙂

Thanks to RBK for the advert and for having the vid 🙂

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