Cassette Boy vs The Bloody Apprentice

This YouTube video is excellent-it makes me cry with laughter each time I watch it and I haven’t found anyone it doesn’t crack up! Not only is it awesomely funny, the amount of time and work that must have gone in to creating it deserves respect…so here it is, and if you’ve ever wondered about Sir Alan’s balls-you’re in luck 😉

New Apple Ad targets Laptop Hunters

Apple have finally got aruond to attacking Microsoft’s very successful “Laptop Hunters” campaign, in the new Mac vs PC advert.

As usual, it’s based on half truth’s and hyperbole (at best) but we all know what to expect from these ads by now 🙂 My questions is-do these ads really work…in the true sense that they convert people from buying PC’s to Macs, as I don’t think they do!

I can’t find a version I can embed so here’s the link to Engadget’s site:

Star Trek Rap

I love this track-it shows a great knowledge of Star Trek but with a brilliant hip-hop twist! Regardless of your feelings towards Star Trek and/or Hip-Hop-you’ve gotta love this 🙂 The use of samples from the show is a great touch…

Warning, lyrics are NSFW…

Shout out to MS Prime Directive and Galaxy Class!

MS Windows Mobile Ad

This new advert for Microsoft Windows Mobile phones is pretty good. Bright, fun, young, funky, girls, scooters, music but with benefits to business too-a good all rounder.

Having said all that, I’m not 100% sure it will bring over many new customers-more likely it will just make us existing customers feel a bit cooler 😉

Embed YouTube in PowerPoint 2007

I now know how to embed YouTube clips into Powerpoint 2007 slides. It is amazingly easy and just as useful 🙂

Thanks to a tweet from @jamestutt which pointed me to this link I can now harness the power of YouTube in my presentations-just today I delivered one where this was a perfect fit.

How to embed YouTube into PowerPoint 2007:

Steve Clayton blogged about a brilliant video from CommonCraft that explains Software + Services very succinctly in less than 4 minutes, and I needed to create an internal S+S training presentation-so I used that. Initially I just had a link to the video on YouTube so the presentation was interrupted while it went off to the YouTube site, but now it’s all contained within the .pptx; giving me a much smoother, more professional looking session 🙂

Common Craft S+S Video:

I think this holds the record for the most links in one post!

There is an octopus in the Goonies!

I got the Goonies on DVD for Xmas and have spent an enjoyable couple of hours re-watching what is one of my favourite ever films, and a true classic piece of cinema. Not only that but I finally got an answer to one part of the film that has always puzzled me…near the end when the kids escape and are fielding questions from the reporters; Data says “…the part with the Octopus was very scary” and I’ve wondered for years what he was on about.

Now, having watched the DVD deleted scenes in turns out there actually WAS a giant Octopus in it originally! After they’ve all jumped off One-Eyed Willy’s ship-it attacks them in the water and good ol’ Data saves the day 🙂

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