MS Exam 70-680 training videos

Exam 70-680 is the new Microsoft MCTS exam for Configuring Windows 7 that builds towards the MCITP accreditations.

I’ve been thinking of taking this exam for a little while and now there is what’s shaping up to be an excellent series of training videos available from @Bibbleq. He’s an IT Admin and has started putting these videos together in his spare time to help out anyone looking at this exam – so ‘nuff respect for that 🙂

I’ve watched the 1st 2 videos that are available and they’re really good. Well presented, clear and I’ve definitely picked up a thing or two, which is what it’s all about isn’t it?! I’m not sure how many will be in the series but I’m confident that once you’ve seen them all, you’ll be in a position to pretty much go and take the exam straight away!

First video is here.

Second video is here.

Third video is here.

Fourth video is here. This is the start of Section 2.

Section 2 Module 2 is here. This covers DISM & ImageX.

Homepage is here.

Nice one Bibbleq!

3 Replies to “MS Exam 70-680 training videos”

  1. I am attending a 6 week training program, and I have learned more watching your first set of videos then the hole six weeks. Great job keep going, American training blows!!!!!

  2. I am working my way through the Microsoft 70-680 training manual and it seemed like a different language. Then a came accross your training videos and it was like having a translator which made everything make sense. Your video’s (albeit a bit fast) are very informative and do make a relatively complex process easier to understand. All I can say is “More Please”.
    Thank you

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Please keep them coming, you should make them all up, package them together and sell them. I must ask, you seem to know this information so well, how did you do on the exam?

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