Microsoft EU Data Boundary Service

What is it?

The EU Data Boundary is a geographical area within which Microsoft has committed to store and process customer data for the majority of their online services. This is aimed at addressing concerns around data processing/location and GDPR, held both by customers and organisations such as the European Union.

It is comprised of countries in the EU:

and EFTA:

For my fellow Brits, notice the United Kingdom isn’t included #Brexit

Currently, datacentres in the following countries are being used:

although Microsoft may add additional datacentres within the EU/EFTA over time.

How it works


Regional resources deployed within an EU Data Boundary region will be in-scope. For non-regional services, there is info here on how these can be configured within the EU Data Boundary. Note, not all services have yet been re-architected to allow this.

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

This is based on the location of your billing address and, this, tenancy.

Microsoft 365

If you have a billing address within the EU/EFTA, you’re in scope…unless you have purchased the Multi-Geo capabilities add-on license.

Which products are in-scope?

According to the January 2023 Product Terms, the EU Data Boundary can apply to these products/services:

The Product Terms also lists half a dozen scenarios where data may still go outside the EU Data Boundary, these being:

  • Remote access by MS employees
  • Customer-initiated transfers
  • Protecting customers
  • Replication of Azure AD directory data
  • Network transit
  • Service-specific transfers

More info

Microsoft EU Data Boundary page

Configure non-regional Azure services

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