New Microsoft Viva products – Pulse and Amplify

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The Microsoft Viva family continues to grow – they have announced new apps as well as a host of new features…let’s take a look.

Microsoft Viva Pulse

This allows managers to gather feedback from their team members, in a regular and confidential manner via Teams. It comes with templates and suggested questions which help ensure the right questions are being asked in the best way – something which can be difficult for a manager to get right on their own.

Microsoft also mention that Glint, currently a separate but related product, will be “coming to Viva” in 2023.

Apply for the Microsoft Viva Pulse Customer Advisory Board here.

Microsoft Viva Amplify

This is aimed at supporting “effective communication at scale” and will help leaders write effective messages to their teams and organisations, and then publish it across multiple channels and receive analytics to understand how well they were received etc. It sounds quite useful as internal corporate messaging can often be disjointed with little insight into effectiveness…but I know some will be concerned about whether the analytics allows for invasive tracking of employees.

Apply for the Viva Amplify preview program here.

New features across Viva

Viva Engage Leadership Corner

This, as the name suggests, has been developed to help leaders better communicate and connect with people across the organisation. It enables Ask Me Anything (AMA) events, surveys, and news to be published and, again, tracked with metrics and sentiment analysis.

Answers in Microsoft Viva

This will be available within the Viva Engage app, to users licensed for Viva Suite, and will work with Viva Topics and Viva Engage. It uses AI to match user questions to existing answers and highlights relevant topics and experts. It also uses gamification to to encourage people to add content to the knowledge base.

The continued growth of Viva through 2022 shows that Microsoft are betting big on this area an also shows it’s likely to reach Dynamics 365 levels of confusion pretty quickly 😊 Some things are apps, some are features, some are in the suite, some are standalone, some are inside one thing but work with another and so on…it’s definitely going to be its own ecosystem!

Check out the Microsoft post here which has even more new features and info.

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