Microsoft Entra – another security bundle

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Microsoft have announced, yet another, security bundle – this time we welcome Microsoft Entra. This newest addition covers three areas:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
  • Decentralised Identity

Their aim is to “serve as a trust fabric for the entire digital ecosystem” – Microsoft really looking ahead to the future and setting themselves up to be a big part of that once again.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

The product is Microsoft Entra Permissions Management – built on the CloudKnox acquisition from 2021. It does things such as “help detect, right-size, and monitor unused and excessive permissions” and enforces the principle of least privilege across Azure, AWS, and GCP. It will integrate with the Defender for Cloud dashboard too.

This will be a standalone product available from July 2022.

Decentralised Identity

The product here is Microsoft Entra Verified ID, which aims to make “portable, self-owned identity possible” and to give more control over what information is shared and also it taking back that data.

This will be a standalone product available from August 2022.

Security is a huge focus for governments, organisations, and individuals right now and, as more things become more digital, it will only continue to be so. Creating a safe and secure platform for digital interaction – both B2B & B2C – is a great business move from Redmond but may well also serve to help the “digital revolution” to carry on and succeed.

However, for those of us who must navigate Microsoft’s products and licensing – this only serves to confuse matters! We have Priva, Purview, and now Entra…what’s next?

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