Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Pricing and licensing

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Microsoft have added another Industry Cloud to the Product Terms – this time it’s Microsoft Cloud for Retail.

I’m still working through some of the info and it doesn’t necessarily all seem complete yet but here’s the overview I can give so far.


It is available as an add-on SKU, currently only Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is listed as an eligible base license to purchase the add-on. The Microsoft Docs site lists other licenses that are required in order to use certain elements of the retail cloud solution, these are:

Retail cloud featureRequired license
Omnichannel for Customer ServiceDynamics 365 Commerce / Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Microsoft 365 for Frontline WorkersMicrosoft 365 (F or E SKUs)
Power Virtual AgentsPower Virtual Agents

as well needing an Azure subscription to use:

  • Synapse Analytics
  • Cognitive Search
  • Intelligent Recommendations


The Microsoft datasheet lists it as being $20,000 per tenant per month but also states that you “only pay for what you don’t already own“.

This makes sense as they won’t want to penalise customers who are already investing in some of these products but does suggest negotiations will be needed to get pricing…leading to the potential for different rates at different points of the year.


Available only via EA/EAS, Microsoft Cloud for Retail can currently be deployed from:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Australia

and is available in English and French – the latter only being an option in Canada at the moment though.

Further Reading

Microsoft Cloud for Retail datasheet

Microsoft Docs page

Microsoft Cloud for Retail Product Terms page

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