Microsoft Viva Insights Consumption pricing

Microsoft Viva Insights is an employee experience product from Microsoft that provides insights into how employees are spending their time – are they in too many meetings, are their meeting productive, do they have the time needed to focus on tasks, who do they collaborate with and plenty of other areas.

While it provides a range of pre-built views into that data, organisations are able to build their own too – known as queries. Users, known as analysts, are able to create queries against the vast amounts of data collected by Viva Insights in order to gain more specific…insights into their organisation.

This introduces a range of new metrics and price considerations for organisations. Viva Insights queries are licensed based on capacity credits and every query costs a certain amount of credits, based on factors such as:

  • The number of measured employees included in the analysis
  • The number of weeks of data included in the query output for each measured employee
  • The number of metrics used in the query
  • The type of metrics used from the different price tiers

Within the query designer it will give an estimate of the required credits:

No billing info shown in Query designer

How is it priced?

See the source image

You’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft have introduced some low-level algebra to help calculate pricing, the formula being:



A = measured population i.e. number of employees included in the query

B= metrics – there are a range of metrics to choose from

C = price tier cost – yep, there are different price tiers

D = week i.e. the length of time covered by the data being analysed

Price tiers

There are 3 price tiers:

Tier 1 = 1.25 credits

Tier 2 = 2.25 credits

Tier 3 = 6 credits

Tier 1 includes a total of 68 metrics (at the time of writing) such as collaboration hours andlow quality meeting hours

Tier 2 includes “advanced metrics” which, at the time of writing, is the “network query” group which includes 10 individual metrics dealing with connections and levels of influence between staff.

Tier 3 includes metrics with CRM data

An example of a query calculation is shown here:

Query cost calculation

I think it’s interesting that, although they have this formula, Microsoft state:

“The cost shown is only an estimate. The estimate might vary from the query’s actual cost, which can be seen after the query is successfully ran”

What if you run a query with multiple metrics at different tiers? You calculate as above for each metric and then add the totals together.

How do you get credits?

Each Viva Insights license includes 1 capacity credit per month, pooled across the tenant. If an organisation requires additional capacity credits, they are licensed in increments of 5,000 credits and costs $5,000 per month.

Unused credits expire monthly.

Insights v Workplace Analytics

Viva Insights is the replacement for Workplace Analytics but the latter doesn’t appear to have disappeared completely – the SKU still seems to be available and the Microsoft documentation talks about the differences between Viva Insights Consumption tenants and Workplace Analytics tenants. Analysts working in a Workplace Analytics tenant won’t see query usage or consumption units.

Further Reading

Viva Insights consumption Docs page

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