Windows 365 pricing revealed

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Now that Windows 365 has hit General Availability, Microsoft have also listed the public pricing online.

Pricing is per user per month and ranges from $20 to $162, the entry level giving you:

  • 1vCPU/2GB RAM/64GB storage

and the most expensive providing:

  • 8vCPU/32GB RAM/512GB storage

You are able to upgrade to a more powerful machine by “resizing” however, the ability to downgrade the machine is not currently available.

Microsoft also make it clear that Azure Bandwidth charges (see them here) will apply on top of any Windows 365 Enterprise charges. For the Business version, there is a monthly per user outbound data cap that ranges from 12GB to 70GB, depending on your plan.

Furthermore, Windows 365 Enterprise requires license pre-requisites including:

  • Windows 10/11 Enterprise
  • Intune
  • Azure AD P1

but Windows 365 Business has no such requirements – it is a standalone offering.

Windows 365 also introduces a new term “Windows Hybrid Benefit” (not to be confused with “Azure Hybrid Benefit”).

Windows Hybrid Benefit (WHB)

Applicable to Windows 365 Business (the sub-300 license offering), this gives a discount of up to 16% for users who are the primary user of a Windows 10 Pro device – that is also their primary work device. Said device must be accessed at least once during the license subscription term.

Here’s a screenshot of the full range of pricing for Windows 365 Business. Although WHB says it can save up to 16%, you can see below that all the WHB prices are simply $4 per user per month cheaper.

Windows 365 Plans and Pricing | Microsoft

The pricing for Windows 365 Enterprise is:

Windows 365 Plans and Pricing | Microsoft

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