Windows 11: Microsoft’s new operating system

Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog

Despite us all believing that Windows 10 was the last version of Windows…here we are with Windows 11 announced and fast approaching.

What do we know?

Microsoft have said “holiday season 2021” so I’d imagine it will be available in time for Black Friday with things really ramping up for Xmas.

Not all devices running Windows 10 will be able to run the new OS:

You can download the Health Check app here to find out. There is a requirement for TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chips and, according to TechRadar, many devices that have one may have them disabled by default – which means the Health Check app fails machines which, ultimately, will be able to run Windows 11. Before you go an buy a new machine, take a look and see if you’ve got a TPM chip to enable!

One has to wonder what this might mean for businesses – is Windows 11 going to require a big wave of hardware refreshes? If so, I can see Windows 10 becoming the new Windows XP!

What’s new?

Some of the key changes include:

  • Keyboard optimised for touch and tablet use
  • Snap layouts – let you arrange multiple windows in various configurations, you can see some of the options here:
Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog
  • You will also be able to create multiple fully separated desktops.
  • “Chat from Teams” integrated into the taskbar and the ability to use 2-way SMS messaging.
  • Revamped Microsoft Store which will include Android apps via a partnership with Intel and Amazon.
  • Annual updates rather than the current 2 per year.
  • The Taskbar will be centered and, it seems, will have to be positioned at the bottom of the screen. I’ve had mine at the top for years (it’s the best place to have it!) and can imagine this being enough to keep me on 10 for a while! 🤣

Further Reading

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