Microsoft Product Terms: September 2020

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Only a few additions again this month but a couple are pretty interesting.

Azure DevOps Server 2020 is added.

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium is added. This is a new SKU that combines the “Sales Enterprise” and “Sales Insight” licenses for £101.80 per user per month – a saving of £7.50 pupm. Naming wise – I’m not sure that having an “Enterprise” SKU inside a “Premium” SKU really makes sense tbh!

Azure SQL Edge is added. This is a new variant of SQL made for the cloud world with features including:

  • Support for ARM architecture
  • Built-in data streaming
  • Network bandwidth optimisation
  • Designed to run in containers

I’ve taken a look at it here.

Azure Stack Edge appears too – this is a physical device you keep on-premises, like a branch office or field location, to “filter, analyse, and transform your data before it moves to Azure”. Lose/damage one and it’s a $40,000 charge!

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