Microsoft Product Terms: July 2020

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There was no English document available on the 1st when I did this (I guess the end of FY took it out of them 🤣), so I used the French version…my now 909 day Duolingo streak is coming in handy!

Nothing major changed or announced which is to be expected; being the start of their new financial year (and when everyone goes on holiday), July & August are often pretty quiet. What we’ve got is:

“System Center Configuration Manager” is renamed to “Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager”. The first real sign of anything happening with this new product name since it was announced a few months back.

“Azure Monetary Commitment” is now “Azure prepayment”.

If you have 1 or more licenses of Project Plan 1/3/5, all O365 users on that tenant get limited access to “Project for the web” customer data. No access to Power Platform apps and doesn’t apply to public sector.

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