Microsoft buy Movere

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Microsoft recently announced their acquisition of Movere, a cloud discovery and assessment tool, to bolster their “Azure Migrate” offering.

Movere has been around since 2008 and has, over the last few years, become the tool of choice for Microsoft funded customer SAM/Cloud Readiness engagements – so the acquisition is perhaps no surprise. Microsoft’s main focus these days is getting more customers to move more workloads into their Azure cloud, and this is their next step in that journey; with the aim “to streamline our customers’ journey to the cloud, enabling them to bring innovation and transformation with the power of Azure”.

I wonder what this means for the other ISV partners involved in the Azure Migrate program, will they see a lack of focus on their elements of the scheme? Posting on LinkedIn brought a few interesting comments/questions: one person suggested that Movere is a “one trick pony” while another asked if this new acquisition could become the “ILMT* for Azure”.

*ILMT is the IBM License Metric Tool, which (most) IBM customers must use in order to prove compliance with certain license metrics.

Whenever a big vendor like Microsoft make an acquisition, it’s always interesting to see what happens to the technology, what it’s used for, how it’s licensed etc. I’ll definitely be watching for Movere to be added to the Product Terms!

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