Sideloading Apps in Windows 8

Many organizations have there own Line Of Business (LOB) systems that they use internally, and in Windows 8 there are 2 ways of installing these on machines:

  • Via the Windows Store
  • Sideloading (I.e. bypassing the Windows Store)

How to Sideload:

Sideloading is a Software Assurance (SA) benefit & the document I have from MS says:

“Windows EA, Select SA, and EES customers will be granted sideloading license rights”

It doesn’t mention Open SA customers there but I see no reason they would be excluded, so I will ask for clarification on that.

The requisite license keys for this will automatically be provided via the VLSC.

If you do not have SA, Sideloading is still possible…for a charge:

WinSideLoad-H 8 Sngl OPEN 100 License = £2,435

Purchase this license and you will then receive the license keys via the VLSC.

Of course, it is still free for companies to publish their apps via the Store, but this method affords them more privacy.

I have to say I’m not 100% sure why the ability to sideload outside of SA has a fee attached too it. Is it in an attempt to ensure companies are serious about the apps they deploy, and stopping them pushing out willy nilly, poorly created apps that will detract from the Windows 8 experience?

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