Office 365–Office Pro Plus Subscription

Amidst all the news around Office 365 for Open & FPP and the awesome preview of the 2013 editions, I noticed something else earlier. When it comes to Office Pro Plus as an individual subscription, there are now 2 options:



As you can see, the Office Pro Plus 1 Year is £10.75 per user per month while the month to month option is £12.75, and limited to 50 users.

I haven’t seen any info on this yet but I assume that this means you can choose to drop the subscription after each month rather than being tied to a full 12 months. This would be good for companies not on Open Value Subscription who find themselves with an influx of temporary staff requiring Office.

I’ve just been chatting to our Marketing Manager and he once did some temp work for Vodafone over in Australia where they brought in 100 temps for 2 weeks to update all their customer records…if they needed Office to do it then this new offering would be perfect!

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