Microsoft Office 365: Updates

Microsoft’s UK HQ was my base of operations today as I took part in the first Office 365 “Ignite” training, anywhere in the world. It was a very well put together day with great content delivered by great presenters, I picked up quite a few tidbits of information I’d like to share with you all. Be warned, this won’t be a particularly cohesive post, more a list of interesting things I learned today! Smile

  • Mail Enabled lists are still not available in Office 365. Here’s a post on why this might be the case:

Read Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint Online and Mail Enabled Lists

  • Directory Sync aka DirSync is a 32bit tool only, so only supported on Server 2003 or 2008 NOT 2008 R2
  • If your Active Directory (AD) is over 50,000 objects you will need a full SQL instance as part of DirSync, SQL Express will not be up to the job
  • On average, syncing a 15,000 object AD will take about 3 hours and then further delta change syncs will take approx. 12 minutes. <—This of course depends on a number of factors.
  • If you choose to run ADFS 2.0 to enable single sign on between your on premise and cloud environments, you will need to deploy ADFS servers onsite and you will need to have a good amount of redundancy. Why? If your ADFS server is unavailable, users will be completely unable to access the Cloud Services!
  • The version of Office you get with the E4 plan of Office 365 can be installed on up to 5 machines at the same time.
  • One of the reasons that Office 2003 is not supported is because Outlook 2003 doesn’t expose the Archive mailbox through folder list, which  means the Archiving piece in Exchange 2010 Online won’t work.
  • There are 2 versions of Exchange available, Plan 1 & 2, that have exactly the same features other than mailbox size; Plan 1 gives 25GB while Plan 2 gives unlimited. This becomes important if you’re going to utilise Archiving and or Voicemail. With Plan 1, the 25GB is shared across the active inbox and the archive which will restrict the actual mailbox size. Secondly, a lot of voicemails can quickly eat up a number of GBs of storage…
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) isn’t part of Sharepoint Online at the moment, but it will be coming further down the line. That will allow On Premise Line of Business (LOB) applications to be searchable by Sharepoint Online.
  • An organization now gets 10GB of storage when they sign up to Sharepoint Online
  • If you want to have rich co-existence between your on-premise and online environments, you will need to have an Exchange 2010 server on site. This is required for certain roles such as hub transport.
  • Lync client for Mac should be available by July.

Told you it would just be a list Winking smile


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