Microsoft Kinect official pricing

Microsoft Kinect, the motion sensing, wii-beating, game changing Xbox 360 add on, now has official pricing.

US = $149.99
UK = £129.99

It’s good to have pricing but it does seem we’re getting the short end of the stick here in the UK. The current conversion rate puts it around £90, which would far more palatable. I don’t see why it is so much more over here…almost 50%!

When I pre-ordered my Kinect a couple of weeks ago, Game told me they expected it to be less than £100 as Microsoft wanted to “make it as accessible as possible”…that sounded plausible but alas, clearly isn’t the case 😦

In my opinion the Kinect should be positioned as a way to attract new Xbox owners, but I can’t see £300 being seen as that attractive…especially when a Wii costs £119.99!

Will I still pick up my pre-order? To be honest, yes…but I’ll be expecting even more from it now!

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