Microsoft Online (BPOS) Update March 2010

Microsoft have once again brought out a raft of changes and improvements to their online BPOS offering, these include:

25GB mailboxes for all users: Self explanatory really 🙂

Increased Sharepoint Site Collection Max. number: No longer limited to 20 site collections, organizations can now create up to 100 site collections!

Attach Files to Service Requests: You can now attach files to service tickets you open through the admin console. Max. file size is 5MB, max. total file size is 20MB and max. number of attachments per ticket is 20. I’ve never needed to do this but I can imagine it would be very hand in certain cases…sending screenshots etc.

Mac OSX Support: The Sign-In client now supports Mac OSX.

You can see the rest of the enhancements over at the MS Online Blog.

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