Microsoft & Citrix “Rescue for VMWare VDI” Promotion

Alongside the new RDP/VDI enhancement, there is a new promo being kicked off called:

Rescue for VMWare VDI

For customers currently using VMWare view:

“eligible customers can trade-in their VMware View licenses with same number of Microsoft VDI Standard Suite subscription and Citrix XenDesktop VDI Edition annual licenses, up to a maximum of 500, at no cost

At no cost!!! There are of course caveats and restrictions:

“Customers with existing VMware View licenses for desktops covered by Microsoft Core CAL or Enterprise CAL suites with Software Assurance through Select, Enterprise & CASA (Campus & Schools Agreements)   family of agreements can take advantage of this offer. Determination of eligibility will be done by Citrix and Microsoft sales representatives”

*(bold mine)


Customers on:

  • Open
  • Open Value Perpetual
  • Open Value Subscription

cannot take part in this promotion…which seems a little odd to me. I’d be interested to hear the reasoning behind this…

Also, even if you are on one of the chosen licensing schemes but have chosen to purchase CALs individually, you are unable to take part.

For those who are eligible, this promo is available until December 31 2010.

You can see more on this, and other joint efforts, over at:

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