Windows XP Mode: No more hardware virtualization

Microsoft introduced XP Mode with Windows 7 and it was great; a way to run XP only applications inside the new Operating System. However, there was one big caveat…it only worked on machines with processors that supported “Hardware Assisted Virtualization” (HAV) AKA Intel-VT/AMD-V…and these CPU’s aren’t all that prevalent (something my post here looked at). Many end users found it tricky to work out if their machine supported this technology and a huge number of people, both home users and small businesses, found they were unable to take advantage of this new innovation.

Well not any more!!!

Microsoft have re-written the XP Mode engine, allowing the need for HAV to be removed 🙂 This means that anyone running a genuine copy of Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate can now use XP Mode regardless of their hardware, opening it up to countless (probably 1000’s) more people.

This is a great move by Microsoft, extending the great work they’ve done with XP Mode to the masses and surely furthering Windows 7 adoption among home users and small businesses too.

You can download the update to remove the requirements below:



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