Microsoft Tag for Android

When Microsoft Tag was released I was a huge fan, I even had them printed on a bunch of my business cards 🙂 It was a great way of directing people to websites or even calling/texting numbers…it was fun, easy and very 21st century!

Them I got an Android phone and had to give up using Tags…but now it’s back baby! If you’ve got an Android phone, open up the MarketPlace, search “Microsoft Tag” and get your download on 🙂 According to the Microsoft Tag blog, it works on:

“Windows Mobile, J2ME, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian S60 phones”

and now Android. This makes it a great option across all major platforms and should hopefully lead to some great levels of adoption. I guess the only OS missing now is the iPhone…I wonder if we’ll ever see an app for that?!

See more info on the MSDN blog here:


or here if you’ve not got the app yet 😉 <—If that’s the case, head over to (or the Marketplace if you’re Android)

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