Setting up Hotmail via POP3

Connecting to Hotmail via POP3 might be old news to everyone but I thought I’d cover it here just in case, as it doesn’t seem to be that well publicized online. I set it up on my old phone ages ago but have only just got round to it on my new device; typically I couldn’t remember the details so I did a quick Bing. What surprised me was how difficult it was to find the information…most blogs, forums, sites I encountered either said “It can’t be done” or “It can be done, but you need to pay for it”!

It can be done and it doesn’t cost anything, here are the details you need:

POP server = (Port 995)

POP SSL Required = Yes

Username = Live ID

Password = Your hotmail password

SMTP Server = (Port 25 or 587)

Authentication Required = Yes

TLS/SSL Required = Yes

Using these details I got it all set up and working on my device in just a few minutes.

Thanks to for the info (again).

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