Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC)

The VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Centre) is the newest customer licensing site from Microsoft. It’s fair to say that their licensing websites have never been the best and certainly wouldn’t win any awards…both those for customers and partners. Yes, the site is pretty great and the new Partner site is pretty good too but it’s the other sites that are lacking:

  • eOpen
  • MVLS
  • eAgreements

eOpen is definitely one of the slowest websites I have had to use on a semi-regular basis…slow to load up initially and slow to load up as one navigates around it. This is the site that all OLP (Open Licence) customers must use to access licence information, licence keys etc…It often flakes out half way through a session, leaving you unable to see your keys or add a new agreement. It also suffers from a lack of design love…it’s basic and not particularly pretty.

Explore.MS is for partners to see details of agreements, price files etc. While it always seems to function perfectly well, it’s a very sparse, plain design/layout and not always terribly intuitive.

eAgreements is the site used for the creation of Open Value agreements. We do quite a number of these but I actually can’t login to the site! I’m not sure why…it’s not cache or cookies or anything like that…it just doesn’t seem to like me 🙂 This is another site that’s clunky, slow and often fails and kicks you out…something of a familiar theme now!

MVLS is the site that Open Value & Select customers use to administer their agreements…find keys, download media, assign roles etc; and it’s by far the best of the sites listed. It’s still not perfect but it’s certainly a step in the right direction 🙂

Anyway, a lot of that is almost by the by as eOpen & MVLS are being merged into the VLSC as of the 6th of December 2009. You may have noticed that certain actions in eOpen & MVLS have been taking you to VLSC recently…product downloads for instance?

There is a problem with this though…it’s Monday the 7th of December today…and the site is still down:


This leaves customers unable to access their license info as the other sites have been taken down.



and MVLS gives you the 1st VLSC error page. This is a pretty big #fail by Microsoft and there has been no official word about it at all (at least not that I’ve seen), something which reflects quite badly on Microsoft. *Update* The Microsoft VLSC twitter account (@microsoft_VLSC) are responding to customer tweets:




It’s good to see Redmond responding to customers, especially via Twitter 🙂

This also has wider implications for “The Cloud” in general too. Customers are unable to access product downloads, licence keys and more just because a website is down…while it’s not the kind of information that is likely to be needed super urgently…it’s yet another example of Cloud Inconvenience…

I hope the site’s up tomorrow for the sake of Microsoft, customers and me…otherwise I’ll get loads of angry/confused customers calling me tomorrow 😉

Update – Tuesday 08/12/09

Well, the VLSC website was finally announced as being launched at 01:09 am GMT, but all is not well!

I’m still getting comments on this article from people who are experiencing trouble with the site and am experiencing issues myself…when I sign in, I get the below:


To be fair, when I was at my desk this afternoon for just a few fleeting minutes (it’s been a busy one today!) I took a look and I got in straight away. Now however, it takes a good few minutes of thinking about it…and then gives me the above error screen each time. This could perhaps be down to all those unable to access yesterday hitting the servers but I’m inclined to think otherwise.

The Twitter account of @Microsoft_VLSC shows that it hasn’t been plain sailing:




but then:


So it isn’t a complete outage…it seems to be working for some people which is something 🙂

I don’t want this post to seem overly critical, or that I’m having a go at the VLSC team but I do think that it’s a situation that warrants attention…and the 100’s & 100’s of hits this post means that users seem to agree 🙂 If there is one silver lining from this, it’s that the VLSC team are doing a great job of offering support via their Twitter account:



Not only are they keeping people up to date with changes etc; they’re also responding to, and assisting with, individual issues…which is very impressive 🙂

Update Monday 14/12/09

It’s now a full week since the new Microsoft Licensing website, VLSC, should have been up & running…and it isn’t. The VLSC Twitter account “@microsoft_VLSC” is still the best place to get information on the situation; yesterday they tweeted:


which would lead you to believe that the site would be back today (Monday) but unfortunately:


It seems that not all people have been experiencing the same problem…some cannot access the site at all, some can access only old licences, some cannot add new licences and so on…but now, with the site completely down, everyone will be affected.

While the Twitter account is doing a good job of communicating with VLSC users, there is still a large amount of ambiguity as to what is behind this:


I think everyone knows there’s an issue so not the most helpful comment! I know there will be various rules as to who can say what via which channels etc, but just a little insight would help a lot.

From my point of view as a Microsoft Licensing reseller, I haven’t heard or seen anything from Microsoft on this subject at all. No heads up so we can pre-warn our customers, or at least be prepared for the questions, no advice on how we can help etc…I find that a little disappointing to be honest.

From my point of view as a blogger, I find it very strange that none of the other Microsoft bloggers have picked up on this VLSC issue. The number of hits this post is getting keeps rising each day and the comments show real frustration on the part of both end users and Microsoft partners.

I’m not sure that there is any other way of being kept up to date on this from MS other than via the Twitter account; the number of people they’re following without profile pics suggests people are joining the micro-blogging service simply to contact Microsoft VLSC!


As mentioned in the comments, there is a new notice on the VLSC page:


Update Wednesday 16-12-09

We have a little more information from Microsoft on the subject today, their latest statement reads:

As you are aware, we recently upgraded three web sites including the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre; Volume Licensing Contract Manager, and Explore.MS.  These tools are to help you provide services to your customers. In standard systems testing, we encountered an issue with the registration system, which we are currently fixing. The result is that the systems are currently offline.
Our goal is to have the sites available starting late in the day on December 17, 2009 US Pacific Time through to December 18, 2009 Pacific Time. Pacific Time (PST) time is 8 hours behind GMT so late on the 17th will be morning of the 18th for us in the UK 🙂
We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. As a valued partner, we understand that your experience trying to access the site is not optimal.
While there are limited capabilities,
Customers can still retrieve product keys during this maintenance. You can direct customers to the Product Activation Call Centres for assistance You can also find a phone number for your region by visiting

So hopefully Monday 21st will see everything right as rain 🙂

Update Friday 18-12-09

The VLSC site is back up…and all seems to be working…Whoo Hoo!

WaMu's 'Whoo-hoo' campaign ...

I’ve logged in to take a look around and can’t see anything missing, which is nice.

It’s taken much longer than expected and hasn’t been a great time for MS, it’s partners or it’s customers but hopefully everything is ok now.

Let me know how you’re finding the site…is it in full working order for you?

Update Monday 04-01-10

It’s been a while since my last update and, while the VLSC site is working fine for me, the comments below show that not everyone has seen these issues resolved yet. I’m still working on getting an update from Microsoft on what happened and when all the issues will be resolved but, to be honest, I’m not getting anywhere quickly!

Thanks to everyone who has commented on this post and offered up their advice to other people in the same position…it’s really great to see a small community spring up around my blog 🙂

Update Thursday 07-01-10

Bill Snyder over at Infoworld has posted an article about the VLSC issues too. Go check it out here:

Infoworld Article on VLSC

Bill’s article has generated a lot of click throughs to this site and so this is clearly an issue that many people are interested in.

Update Sunday 10-01-10

On Friday, I received an email from Microsoft’s PR agency Waggener Edstrom with an official update/response on the subject so far, which is:

“We apologize to our partners and customers for the inconvenience that they have been through during the upgrade improvements for the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) site. In standard systems testing, we encountered an issue with the registration system.  While the vast majority of partners and customers are able to access the system, there remain some issues that are causing difficulties for some and it has taken us longer than expected to correct these issues. We are taking all necessary steps to resolve the situation and we are working with each impacted customer or partner to restore permissions if they can’t be resolved online. We understand the inconvenience that this causes and greatly value doing business with our partners and customers.”

It’s good that we’ve had a response but it’s again not that informative. “An issue with the registration system” doesn’t shed much more light on the situation…what do you think?

 Update Thursday 04-02-10

The majority of problems with the VLSC seem to have calmed down but it’s still not 100%…in fact this week has probably been the busiest re: VLSC issues for me!

 The biggest hurdle now is conflicting information as customers are told that MS can’t help them directly and they need to speak to the reseller; but I also know that resellers are being told that customers should contact MS directly!

The best process seems to be:

Customer -> Reseller -> Distributor -> Microsoft

With the request passed along in that manner, email addresses are being reset etc and all should be well 🙂

 If you would like to speak with a Microsoft VLSC rep, the number is 0800 917 9016. The email address is .

If you’re still having problems and/or you’ve got a success story (!), please let us all know in the comments…

87 Replies to “Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC)”

  1. #FAIL to the Nth degree, Rich. Had a customer contact me last Friday asking how quickly we could get him a license for MS Access. Without hesitation I told him he should have the license key and download link on Monday morning. Little did I know that through 3PM (eastern) MSFT would still be reporting that the site was down for the “weekend.” I see now that at least they took the “weekend” off the message. Our customer is hopping mad. Any customers considering using Microsoft’s CLOUD services take note, not just of the failure but of Microsoft’s inability (or lack of concern) to keep customers apprised of the situation.

  2. I bought a server last week and decided to start downloading the software on the weekend. Well… that didn’t happen due to Microsoft’s inability to operate a website properly.

    And now I’ve got an expensive paper weight until Microsoft gets off their ass. At least keep up the old site until the new one is properly working.

    I am very unimpressed

  3. need to get licencing info for an audit – not going to happen today, been waiting since Friday!
    Way to get confidence MS

  4. Finally got into the site, but lo and behold all of my licensing is not there. In fact, a large number of my licenses are gone. I have a new License Agreement Number to add, went through the steps after reading everything of course, and it will not accept the License Agreement number, says invalid? I can only hope MS gets this right. At the very least let us back into eOpen.

  5. Everytime I click on Licenses I just get a page cannot be displayed error. Not good at all. Anyone else got this happening as well?

  6. We are a software reseller and IT Consultants. Over the years we’ve sold hundreds of Microsoft licenses. We’re always copied on the license emails so we get the required authorization and license number. These details would be entered into a spreadsheet and the license would be added under our Microsoft ID.

    This procedure allowed us to easily install product(s) for customers who don’t even know what a Microsoft license is. Now, it seems, we have lost all access to our customer’s licenses. For a new license that was issued the customer gets an email (not us) and the customer has to create a Microsoft ID (if they don’t have one already…I’m sure that 0% of our customers have one) and then they need to designate our Microsoft ID as being authorized to access their licenses. What a nightmare.

    If I need to re-install a product that a customer purchased X years ago I’m supposed to know what email address was used to order the license and then, assuming that person is still with the end user company, I need to walk through through this process???

    I can see how this protects Microsoft but it surely creates a HUGE headache for guys like me. Does Microsoft care? HAH!

  7. What a nightmare. I walked our customer through the procedure for creating a Microsoft ID and indeed, the link to download their newly purchased product was there. I worked with him remotely to add my MS ID as an administrator for his licenses. The page sat…sat…sat…and eventually said that an error occurred and asked that the problem be reported to Microsoft. Nice work, boys.

  8. Well – it’s Friday the 11th and I am still unable to access my new keys or to download my software. I received my order confirmations last week. I have also had to push off a major systems upgrade because of this.

    I was able to get them on the phone Monday and activate the open licenses – however the new keys and software are not showing up on my license screen.

    I also cannot find where to enter new licenses – I hope Microsoft gets this fixed soon!

  9. I just got my eMOLP email with a new agreement, and authorization. What used to take 5 minutes now appears impossible. The simplest thing…add the agreement so I can get my key. Where is it? Can anyone tell me where this page went?

  10. I at least (supposedly) have a person assigned, who is “working on it” – and has been since 12-9-09, but as of today – 12-11-09 still can’t get access to the site. I guess this is their business model for the future?

  11. I have been sitting in the queue with VLSC support for about 40 minutes. They continually thank me for waiting, and report longer than usual hold times. This is what speaker phones are for, and I intend to stay in their queue all day if necessary. What could be their motivation to hide the “Add Agreement” function? Is this simply a screw-up? Did they reassign the team leader from Vista to VLSC? Or is this just a better way to combat legitimate customers.

  12. I’m in the same boat. Purchased Server 2008 Datacenter Monday the 7th because our 2003 servers are on their way out. All I need are the license keys, but nope!

    Thanks Microsoft…

  13. FYI, I was able to give permissions from one of my live accounts (that had my Exchange licensing) to the account that is ‘supposed’ to have my Server licensing and now that shows up, but like Jon, I can’t ‘Add Agreement’ like the old eOpen site.

  14. I just got through. Tyler was very heplful, and added my agreement for me, and told me that I should be able to access my keys within 2 hours. Failing that I am supposed to call Windows Activation center: (888) 352-7140, and they can issue me my key. Two interesing points that I got out of him were:

    1. This new VLSC was designed with no feature to allow us (Open Business) clients to add our own agreements. They left it out. When I asked Tyler if this was the case he said: “Yes.”

    2. Microsoft knowinly rolled out a system that didn’t work to replace a system that did work. Again the answer was “yes.”

    Now this all begs the question: does Microsft care at all about their costomers? Tyler could not speak to this for fear it would get back to him, but I figure the answer is “no.”

  15. Congrats on getting through…
    I held for about an hour earlier today and decided to hang up, now the message is back to saying the call volume is too high and they can’t answer my call.

    I really wonder what the thinking was behind your first point?? Why not allow us to add agreements? Are they just trying to lock it in to the registered e-mail address??

  16. I believe two hours have passed, and I do not see my license there. I suppose I will just have to wait another 2 hours.

    Perhaps it is a way to drive traffic to the Windows Live “portal” site. I, for one, would never have even seen it if I wasn’t forced to create LiveIDs for the companies I support. Incidentally this is frowned upon. Tyler says that Microsoft would prefer that everyone create their “own” live ID, and then link it to a “Business Email.” Do you smell a mailing list? I do. Get ready for more spam. I did inform him that his company is going to be sorely disappointed if they believe that anyone but IT will be creating their “own” live IDs. Microsoft never ever gets it right.

  17. I was trying to access the site today for 8 hours to download some softwares that we really need at work . the site simply give me :

    “The VLSC site is currently down for maintenance.”

    Thanks Microsoft!!!

  18. I managed to get some downloading done yesterday (11thDec) for about 4-5 hours, then I visit the license centre to finish off a base build and down again…. Wrote an email stating my problem, and must say I was frustrated as they spent 4 out of the 6 lines of their response telling me that in 2010 the email address for support is going to change… do I really care, but if for a moment I did, it states on the ‘new’ license centers website to contact this email address.

    But seriously, its disappointing as this is typically for our business something that we do at weekends for ‘out of hours’ work which we cannot do.

  19. The “mailing list” theory aside, the motivation seems clear: prevent someone from simply adding an agreement to an eOpen profile unless that person is the registered contact for that agreement. Sounds fine except it’s not fine. The “registered contact” may no longer be with the company. Or the “registered contact” may have been entered incorrectly on the license purchase years ago but since it didn’t mater, no one noticed.

    As always, those of us in Corporate IT or who are acting on behalf of our customers are the ones who will be inconvenienced by this. Those who are intent on circumventing licensing rules will figure out a way to pirate Microsoft products anyway.

  20. Great! Can’t activate our Terminal Server because I can’t add an agreement that was bought more than a week ago.. 2 weekends (and some of the week) of the VLSC site being “down for maintenance” and/or not having the correct functionality.

    I’m appalled.. and I’ll also be without a Terminal Server come Monday morning.. along with a lot of screaming people I’m sure. How have Microsoft not fixed this yet? Surely there are a few thousand very unhappy people relying on this website.

  21. Well it’s now the 14th and I still can’t get onto the VLSC site. I just need to get our Windows Server 2008 product keys…wouldn’t have thought it would be so difficult just to get onto a website!

  22. I’m absolutely astounded at this failure. It’s been nearly a full week and they still have nothing to show for it.
    This is Microsoft for crying out loud. Their resources are nearly limitless. How can they NOT have fixed this yet?

    Even their twitter page says they’ve taken the site down to fix “some of the issues…” I can’t even imagine what else is wrong.

  23. Unbelievable it is Sunday evening the 13th and it is now over 7 days with no access to VLCS as we receive the same vauge “down for maintenance” message. I agree with others that the eopen site we were using was slow and poorly designed, but at least you could always access it! Let’s hope Microsoft understands the serious nature of this blunder and considers doing something for volume license customers who could not access the site.

  24. FWIW, I just called this morning around 9:00 EST and got through to a CS rep pretty much right away. They were able to help me with obtaining the license key. The number I called was (866) 230-0560.

    Hope this helps someone else!

    Oh, and the rep said that the site should be working in 24 hours (but I’m not holding my breath)

  25. This is what they are saying today:

    The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center is undergoing maintenance as part of a series of enhancements to improve the licensing management experience for partners and customers.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and our goal is for the site to be available on Wednesday, December 16, 2009. Please check back on the website sign-in page for regular updates.

    Media Fulfillment
    While VLSC is undergoing scheduled maintenance, please visit the Product Activation Call Centers for assistance activating your product. You can find a phone number for your region by visiting

    Media fulfillment isn’t available while the site is undergoing maintenance, however, we are offering to ship media at no cost to our customers as necessary.

    If you prefer not to wait for VLSC availability, please contact your local Volume Licensing Call Center by telephone or email to receive information about receiving physical media. .

    North America:
    Europe, Middle East and Africa:
    Asia Pacific (FAREAST):
    Japan: 0120 73 7565
    Latin America (LATAM):

    Customers may encounter longer than normal response times due to high volume based on the site maintenance. We appreciate your patience as we service partner or customer inquiries.

  26. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the update…I’ve revised the main post to reflect that 🙂

    I’m also waiting to hear back from MS PR on this issue…will update ASAP.


  27. Well, now they’ve pushed the date back ’till Thursday, December 17, 2009. I’m glad I ordered my media kit earlier this week!

  28. Well, it is now Dec 17th and the VLSC site is still inaccessible. If this is the kind of service and reliability we can expect from the “Cloud” then count me out. The users that I support won’t meekly accept some lame Web page apology instead of immediate access to their resources. They would be demanding my head on a stick if I were the one that had transfered all of their “stuff” to the cloud instead of keeping it where it belongs – on servers that I control and in a building to which I have a set of keys.

  29. Now VLSC is finally back to function, yet for me it’s functioning exactly the same like when it’s brought down for maintenance. Dunno what they had done to the database, but none of my old licenses are accessible now…Things are pretty much the same like they were in the last week.

    Good job, MS. You kept me waiting in eager and hope for over a week now and eventually let me down. Typical Microsoft.

  30. So I login with my ID and I’m asked to enter my business e-mail address. I do this. No e-mail message shows up.

    I wait a while and try again. Nothing.

    I wait a while and try again. Now I am locked out of registration as a security measure. How nice.

    I have not been able to get software or licenses since December 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Please fix this please?

  31. Yes it is back up, but the problem remains. No way to add a new agreement, and the agreement I added over the phone doesn’t show up either. Two full weeks of “maintenance” yeilds nothing. We are right back where we started. Trash this project and bring back eOpen. It sucked, but it worked. This VLSC is just stupid. Stop it already.

  32. Hey Jon and Andy – quit complaining, at least you can log on 🙂 I’m stuck in the same situation as Craig – locked out because I logged on too many times before with the wrong information (query, how could I do that when I couldn’t even get to the log on screen for the past week?) However I do feel better, because they told me “they are working on it.”

  33. I can’t find an “Add Agreement” button/section either. I think that now the licences are automatically added into the website and then the “Administrators” of the agreements will be able to see the keys, downloads etc. That’s how it worked on MVLS already…only eOpen still required manual adding of agreements.

  34. As of 5PM PST (California) The site appears up, the splash page appears but no links actually work, you cannot sign in or signout nor retrieve nything in your permissions. This is UNSAT.

  35. I’ll have to dig up the e-mail I got from my Microsoft rep, but the “Add Agreement” feature has been removed ‘by design’ It’s not just something they forgot. Way back up in the list of posts Jon confirmed this also with the rep he spoke with on the phone.

  36. The agreements all have an administrator from creation, that’s in the plan. The business email address is linked to the live ID, that’s also in the plan. Customer creates/buys a new agreement under his business email address the agreement appears (as if by magic) automatically, that too is in the Plan (OLM customers need to accept the T&Cs first).

    It’s not working!!!! That was not in the Plan, but you had guess that already 😉

  37. Apparently they told us they had it all planned and all we had to do is wait a weekend (Dec 5-6) and everything would work right away automatically.

    Apparently that is not the case. They had created a perfect mess, and now apparently they don’t know how to fix that mess.

    With customers paying thousands of dollars to them annually, this is apparently a joke no one will accept.

  38. I like many others was locked out. I found a workaround for that, but all of my licenses are not there as well. I created a new live account and went thru the process with it and was able to get in.

  39. Well I can log in but all but 1 of my licenses are gone.
    This quote from “Planet of the Apes” seems timely.

    All the time, it was… We finally really did it. [screaming] You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

  40. December 22nd, 6 calls, 5 promises to escalate and still nothing. I’m supposed to feel warm and fuzzy because it’s a “global” problem.
    Sorry Microsoft but now I have to work the 24th and 25th to meet deadlines because of your blatent incompetence. I feel like I’m stuck under the heal of a dictator. Do I even have a option of going to another software platform?

    Merry effing Xmas to all you tard’s at Microsoft. I hope you All rot in hell!!!

  41. Having problem on VLSC saying we do not have persmissions.
    What a joke. Told by reseller that it is a “global” problem also.

  42. Customers are still having issues with Authorization of Admin for new Open License orders. Helpdesk told one customer that this site is looking at having issues until mid January. Anyone that places a New VL Microsoft order has to fight through the helpdesk phone tree, and if they don’t get kicked off due to call volume they get to wait on the phone for at least an hour. Each License has to be manually reset on Microsoft’s end. WHAT a NIGHTMARE!!

  43. The world is up in ARMS due to a Blackberry internet outage.. But nothing in the main stream news about this.. *Things that make you go Hmmmm…*

  44. Folks, I have a possible solution to this debacle. I got an email from ms support telling me to do the following:

    -Login to the site
    -Go to Settings at the top, and request permissions
    -Under Licensing ID access, I selected “Open License”
    -Next to it are fields for the authorization number and license number
    -Put those in, select Administrator in the Permission Role Section
    -Click Submit

    I was told doing this will add new agreements to the site, I submitted one today and we’ll see when it comes back if at all. I’ll keep you posted

  45. Monday morning and many licenses still missing.

    However on December 26th I received an e-mail from Microsoft that says “The goal is for the site to be online on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.”

    I can’t even come up with anything funny. Microsoft, you have destroyed my humor ability! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Microsoft, I don’t like you anymore!

  46. Just got off the phone with MS about adding a License agreement. They had to email me my keys as the function online is still not working yet. Lucky the guy was able to give them to me as I have 2 servers that has to be out the door by end of the week!

  47. Still locked out as of 12-28-2009. MS has told me they have the problem fixed and that they will send me a link to manually access the site, but still nothing. Unbelievable!

  48. We lost access on the 17th of December 2009. Error message: ” We Apologize! Registration cannot be completed because no VLSC permissions are associated with business email. Even our toplevel MSVLC admins are unable to logon. Only response from Microsoft support: Known issues. Hopefully someone is working on it and it will be solved soon…..

  49. Statement via e-mail from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Team:
    Dec 24 2009:

    The website has been under maintenance for the last few days and there are still some functions that are not working.

    We can assure you that the responsible teams are working on these issues with high priority and are giving their best to bring the website to its full functionality as soon as possible.

    In the mean time, if you require Volume License Product Keys, you can directly contact our colleagues from the Product Activation Team at:
    0800 023-3487

    If you require media kits for your licensed software, please send us the order form and we will place an order free of charge for you.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing you.

  50. Spent 1.5 hours on hold- I was trying download server 2008 r2. Basically, all they can do is send the media out on disk. 5-10 business days. The guy couldn’t tell me which would arrive first, a properly working website or the media. I had him send the media- at least the mail service is reliable.
    (866) 230-0560

  51. Not sure if many are still have issues with the Service Center site or not, but if you are I would STRONGLY suggest avoiding the phones and\or email for support. Rather jump on twitter and send a message to @microsoft_VLSC, I literely got a response requesting more info in the matter of minutes, and then when providing them with my issue (haveing 20+ license IDs with no administrator assigned) was addressed in the matter of 1 hour, and all license IDs are now present 12 hours later (was given expectation that it could take 48). I must the service I received via twitter was outstanding. I don’t know if individuals with login issues or issues other than administrative assignment will have the same level of service, but the group managing the twitter account is outstanding. If you have an issue still please let them know.

  52. 12/30 – I received a volume license agreement from Dell (which they tied to the wrong VL #), so I had to create a new Live ID and went to download the software. Attempting to log into eopen (or whatever it’s called now) I encountered the “We Apologize! Registration cannot be completed because no VLSC permissions are associated with business email” error.

    Spent 1.5 hours on hold with Microsoft, while on hold I googled up the error and encountered this thread. When I finally reached a person, he told me that I needed to go to and login and add my email address and account details to the new Live ID I had just set up. I did that, then he tells me I need to wait 48 hours to access the downloads. However I needed Win2K8 R2 and SCVMM TODAY! Said he would email me the keys and they would arrive in “10 minutes” but he couldn’t hold on until they arrived but promised he’d never had a problem. It’s now 17 hours later and I have not received them. I had access to a difference open license account that worked and had Win2K8 on it so at least I could download the ISO and can add keys later. I also asked him to ship me the media, he was reluctant but finally gave in and said 3-5 business days. Oh yes, and I tried to log into my account this morning to see if the whole adding my account details thing worked, and I was locked out of my account for too many attempts.

  53. Finally!!! Got on – haven’t had a chance to compare to see if all of our licenses are there, but at least I have access to the account. Best wishes to all the rest of you getting this sorted out.

  54. 28 December 2009 Day 23.
    Finally. Finally!! I have gotten through to Microsoft on the phone! A nice young lady takes the information for the missing licenses. She tells me to wait at least 2 hour to check the VLSC site. However, it could take up to 48 hours for the missing licenses to show up.

    31 December 2009 Day 26.
    Waited 2 hours. Nothing.
    Waited 48 hours. Nothing.
    Waited 96 hours. Nothing.

    I am done buying licenses. Only buying full boxed items from now on.
    I have got to change careers.

  55. well it appears microsoft has an outside fimr “managing’ this:

    I have been twittering with the vlsc rep and they wanted me to send an e-mail to
    [email address removed by blog owner to prevent spam]

    it turns out that goes to tykengroup. NIce job guys.

  56. I sincerely suggest the owner of this weblog better protect the v-matoew’s mail address.

    He’s our only hope here. Putting his mailbox in full will expose it to spams and scams, which will significantly lower his efficiency at work, thus further delaying our much needed help from him.

  57. Indeed, the twitter address should have been sufficient to reach Mark.
    Our MSVLC issues “no business e-mail associated” and “access denied”
    for all our administrators however could not yet be solved and are now passed on through to another group within “The Tyken Group LLC”….

  58. 6 Jan – Unfortunately I got my license confirmation on the day the VLSC site went live. I was able to get my serial numbers by phone, but that’s no use since I’ve been unable to download the software since. It’s now a month later and I’m able to log in. I can request access to the new licenses, but am unable to grant my own requests. Called the VLSC line and they say it’s a glitch in the swap over that they are working on, and they can’t add them manually. I guess I’ll have to find a torrent with the Windows 7 software.

  59. The University of virignia spends over $1 million a year with Microsoft and they have not been able to get us access to our MVL website since mid-December. What the hell is going on out there? Any 3rd-year CS student could run a web site better than this.

  60. LOL. In mid-December I purchased an Open License for Visual Studio with MSDN. Still haven’t been able to even register the business email.

    You know why this hasn’t been in the press? It doesn’t affect the general public that’s why. It’s a somewhat obscure issue only relevant to software developer’s/IT professional’s. Shame, Microsoft really needs a right bollocking over this snafu.

  61. I hate the VLSC! It runs really slowly and doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. The email address shown doesn’t match reality…

  62. “I hate the VLSC! It runs really slowly and doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. The email address shown doesn’t match reality…”

    AGREED. I saw nothing wrong with eopen. All I needed was to retrieve my keys and software. This new thing is a mess. There is no need to re-invent the wheel here MS.
    Finally received an email about my request from MS 2 WEEKS after I sent it. Yet it did not answer my question. Just a canned response. AVOID the email for support on this issue! At least with the phone support, you get a person.

  63. I hate the VLSC.

    In mid-December I purchased an Open License for Visual Studio Pro with MSDN Pro. I tried in vain the entire December and the first half of this month
    to login to that site.

    I received an email from Microsoft two days ago telling me things like this “First, please accept our apologies for the delay in our response! We appreciate your patience while we increase our staff to meet your needs….” followed by an instruction that I have already tried x times. So useless!!

    Oh! I got through the phone support and all that rep could tell me was something like “the VLSC does currently not yet reach its full capacity, and at this moment we do not know how long it will take until it reaches full capacity”.

    By some luck and some random trial-and-error attempts, I managed to log onto the VLSC site. However, all I can download from that site are VS2008 and SQL-2005 (but I could not find the product keys). I could find a number of product keys of various Windows versions, but not the download links. Isn’t this behavior very typical Microsoft?!

  64. Anyone know what this means:
    1. Log onto VLSC at:
    2. Go to “Settings > “Request Permissions”
    3. Select appropriate “Program”, enter “Licensing ID”, select permissions required and provide optional comment before clicking on “submit”. A request will be sent to the administrator of the Agreement (i.e. Licensing ID) who should approve/reject as appropriate.

    I AM the administrator yet I never get the request email.

  65. @DarkForce101

    Sorry to hear about your frustrations, but the fact that I’d been a user renewing my VS with MSDN Premium volume license every year made me think I’ve got some answers to your problems concerning the software downloads, although I’m not MS support.

    I’m afraid you’d have to pay attention that the license you purchased as “Open License for Visual Studio Pro with MSDN Pro” actually consists of two licenses in essence, one is a full license of Visual Stuido Professional for you to use for production use, while the other one is a license of MSDN Professional for you to use all the Microsoft products, which are provided through MSDN subscription, in labs only for test or design, so you don’t have to pay for all those products as you’re not licensed to use them for any use other than test though Office and Expression are exceptions, yet that doesn’t matter too much as they are not included in MSDN Professional.

    VSLC is a site that provides downloads only for full licensed products, so your Visual Studio Pro can be found there, but for other products, you are given only license keys with no download links. However, you can download all of them through your MSDN subscription.

    That’s their design, and it has been like this for at least as long as I’ve been using it, about 5 years now.

    Hope this could help clear some doubt. 🙂

  66. @DarkForce101

    Oh, right, almost forgot to tell that for some products, Microsoft had integrated license keys inside before they released them for VLSC. You can find identical situation under MSDN Subscription Downloads. You don’t need any license key as they will be automatically inserted during installations.

    That’s why there are no license keys as VS, SQL Server are among those.

  67. Ok, I’ve been trying to login to the new VLSC site for 3 weeks now. I had no issues using the eOpen site prior to MS’ brain snap. We are now getting the following error when attempting to login to VLSC:

    “The business email address provided during registration is not affiliated with an Open License and/or Volume License Agreement. Next steps you can take are:

    1. Verify you provided the correct business email. You have currently registered with (yes I’m not Bill). If this is not correct, please click this link to register a different business email.

    2. Contact your agreement administrator and request to be added to the agreement using the business email above.

    3. View Online Help or Contact Support ”

    I have been onto support and our account rep numerous times but still no luck. As a workaround I have manually requested all our License Keys which have been emailed to us now, I suggest anyone who it unable to access their licenses to do just that.

    There is also a manual process via email to request physical media kits, again I suggest anyone who needs to obtain specific media to go down this path.

    I am currently escalating this as far as I can. If you are still having problems yourself, I suggest you do the same. If people are complacent there will be no urgency placed on this resolution and it’s likely to still be a problem in the months to come.

  68. I have had several problems with Microsoft, specifically with the activation of Open Licenses. You should try to activate an MSDN Premium Open License. You have to activate the license on VLSC, then go to the MSDN site to use the license. I had to work with Microsoft for months and finally I went back to the reseller for a refund. They could never get the two systems to communicate.

    I have spoken to the customer service reps at Microsoft several times about the VLSC issues, and each time they assure me that these types of activation issues are rare, and just give it another day to work itself out.

    I guess the Microsoft business model it to continue to sell products, but never worry about getting the product downloads into the hands of the customers. I have voices my concerns to everyone who will listen, but no one seems to want to step forward and address these types of issues.

    I have limited options on what to do but we have started buying Apples, looking at open source, etc. This simple problem (that should never have happened) that should have taken just a few days to resolve, has cost them my loyalty. It could cost them many customers in the long-term.

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