Windows 7 BitLocker to Go Reader

One of Windows 7’s many great new features is BitLocker To Go-a built in encryption tool for removable USB devices. Enabling users to store important/sensitive data on USB sticks and protecting that data should the device be lost. As it’s a new feature in Windows 7, people have been wondering about inter-operability with previous OS versions such as Vista & XP. The answer is here:

Windows 7 BitLocker To Go Reader

This enables users with BitLocker encrypted USB devices to share data with users on Vista and XP. It will allow you to copy encrypted files from the drive onto the Vista/XP machines but:

“Once you copy the files from the encrypted drive, they will no longer be protected by BitLocker in the new location, even though they’ll still be protected on the encrypted drive”

It’s worth noting that you can only unlock the drive using Reader if you’ve got the password information etc…it doesn’t just allows random unlockings 🙂

For more information and step by step instructions on using BitLocker to Go Reader on XP/Vista, see:

To go and download the program and get started, go to Microsoft Downloads here.

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