King of Kong: Donkey Kong Documentary

I’ve just watched a documentary called King of Kong: A Fistful of Dollars, about the battle to be classed as the World’s #1 Donkey Kong Player.

A documentary about 80’s video games perhaps isn’t to everyone’s taste but, in my opinion, this is a great film that you should definitely watch if you’re at all interested in Arcade games. To be honest, I think even if gaming isn’t your thing, this film is still worth watching…it does a great job of making you have real feelings (for and against) the main protagonists and I really cared about the outcome of the high-score battle. Seeing inside the world of competitive gaming is very interesting; it’s a lot more cut-throat that I previously imagined 🙂

This film is entertaining, engaging, very well made and highly enjoyable…this, my second post on a film, urges you to go and watch it…but keep an eye out for barrels on the way to BlockBuster 😉

For a few disputed facts, see Wikipedia here (but do it after you’ve watched the film!)

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