New features and Improvements in Microsoft Hyper-V R2

As I’m sure you’ve heard on the old internet, Microsoft’s Hyper-V R2 is done and dusted. The main new feature is Live Migration, meaning MS can now match the “VMotion” feature offered by VMWare, but there is a whole host of new features and improvements in the latest version. Let’s take a look:


Hyper-V Compare

Hyper-V R2 also includes:

(a) High availability and live migration for managing a dynamic IT infrastructure

(b) Support for 64 logical processors future proofing our customers to scale up with the hardware

(c) Support for running up to 384 virtual machines with up to 512 virtual processors

(d) Processor compatibility mode for live migration across different processor SKU’s from the same vendor

(e) Hot add/remove virtual storage

(f) Networking enhancements (VMQ, Chimney, support for Jumbo Frames)

(g) Simplified management using sconfig

(h) Boot from flash

See the original post here.

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