Diagnostic and Recovery Tool (DaRT)

DaRT is what was previously known as WINternals and is a great piece of software, a real boon to any IT admin’s toolkit. It comes with all kinds of tools and tricks to troubleshoot unresponsive PCs and get them back up and running by removing malware, fixing drivers and more.

The first part is the Crash Analysis Wizard, which looks at .dmp files (crash dumps) and pulls out the relevant info to tell you why the crash has happened.

The next part is ERD Commander. This lets you create a start up image that you will use in the future on seemingly unbootable machines. Once you have given it an OS (which it can extract from your install disk), you choose which tools you want to include on the disk…the choice is:

  • Computer Management
  • Crash Analyzer
  • Disk Commander
  • Disk Wipe
  • Explorer
  • File Restore
  • Hotfix Uninstall
  • Locksmith
  • Registry Editor
  • Solution Wizard
  • Standalone System Sweeper
  • System File Repair
  • TCP/IP Configuration
  • You can then add any specific .inf files (drivers) that you would need, if you have specific extra hardware requirements in your organization.

    Brandon LeBlanc from the Windows Blog has got a great post on DaRT here.

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