Windows 7 Upgrade Offer

Today we had new pricefiles issued by our Microsoft distributor which include new items and details on the Windows 7 Upgrade offer, which will commence 19th of June. Bear in mind we are a Business to Business VAR, so the offer/pricing may well be different for consumers in high street stores/online etc.

There is a new set of part numbers for Vista OEM licences that come with a “Windows 7 Upgrade Form”-which when completed and returned, will entitle the customer to a “free” upgrade to Windows 7. I say “free” but these new part numbers are a little more expensive than their non-upgrade offering brethren; however the difference is only around £20 🙂

The upgrade offer is available on:

  • Vista Business
  • Vista Home Premium
  • Vista Ultimate

While this doesn’t directly apply to consumer PCs you can buy from PC World, Dixons, ASDA etc-there must be something very similar in place; as all those machines will ship with OEM licences on. I would expect that from 19/06/09, any new PC’s that ship out from manufacturing will all come with a “Windows 7 Upgrade” form 🙂

I don’t usually post about things directly involving sales and prices and info I get from work etc so I want to make it extra clear that posts on this blog aren’t representative of the company and any mention of price is subject to change, isn’t set in stone etc!

**Update** Final pricing and confirmation of how the EU decision will affect European upgrades has been released-see this post.**

One Reply to “Windows 7 Upgrade Offer”

  1. I’ve read on many blogs that the install process of win 7 would have been faster, but I didn’t really noticed any improvement on it; especially if compared to vista. It takes 35minutes on fast machines and 1hour in slow ones.

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