Windows 7 Presentation Mode

Windows 7 just keeps surprising me with it’s great new features; I’ve just seen Presentation Mode which I think is great. It really shows that MS have been listening to feedback and putting a lot of thought into how their OS is used.

Presentation Mode is found in the Mobility Centre (Windows Key + X) and lets you control your machine’s behaviour while you are giving presentations. You can:

  • Stop the Screensaver coming on
  • Set the volume level
  • Display a different wallpaper

A lot of us have wallpaper of our kids, wives/girlfriends/husbands/boyfriends etc but maybe don’t want to have everyone in the meeting/seminar room to see it for whatever reason, and this is a simple, easy way to do it.

Presentation mode - new

As I say, a great example of Microsoft listening to it’s users 🙂

*Update* As Frederic points out in the comments-this isn’t actually a new feature of Windows 7…it’s there in Vista too! I’ve been using Vista pretty much since it came out and I’ve never come across Presentation Mode and I’ve never heard anyone talk about it; and I think that is a result of the differences between the two Operating Systems. People are just more excited about Windows 7 and that is definitely helping get word of these features out and about 🙂

10 Replies to “Windows 7 Presentation Mode”

  1. For information, this is NOT a new function of 7, the mobility center and the presentation mode already exist Vista. But it’s true it’s really useful when for example you have forgotten to change your personal fancy wallpaper before a “serious” presentation.


  2. The funniest thing is that ‘Presentation Mode’ is disabled in the Home Premium version of 7. So if you upgrade from Vista HP to 7HP you get fewer features… classy MS, classy!

  3. I like it, but it would be perfect if you have the ability to:
    1. turn off notifications from Outlook, Skype, MSN messenger etc.
    2. turn off the shortcuts on the desktop
    3. change toolbar settings, like hide when the mouse is not in the area
    But good start nevertheless.

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