Microsoft Bing

We all knew that Live Search was going to be re-branded and Kumo was the favourite new name for quite some time. MS certainly tried it out and I had people visiting this very blog from “” but they finally decided on “Bing”, and announced it May 28th 2009. Microsoft say that Bing isn’t just a search engine, but a “Decision” engine-a device to help you make sense of the information you receive and I think it sounds pretty great!

Some examples I’ve seen are that if you search for say “Nikon D80”, Bing will break the results down in to sections such as “Where to Buy”, “How to use”, “Photography Groups” etc rather than just a long list of results. The 2nd example was if you search for “British Airways” not only will Bing return the BA homepage but also the most pertinent info from the site including Customer services number, contact address etc-without you needing to enter the site 🙂 That’s the kind of stuff that will making searching the net easier and more fruitful 🙂

Bing will be available Worldwide on June the 3rd so it’s not long until we can all see for ourselves if Bing is, as Steve Woz from Apple said, “Astounding”!


To find out more, head over to

PS: It’s been noted by a few people that Bing could also stand for But It’s Not Google 😉

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