Windows 7 RC New Features

The Windows 7 Release Candidate will be available via Technet/MSDN on 30/04/09 and to the general public 05/05/09 but the leaked version is floating around El Torrento’s right now and Gizmodo have been checking out it’s new features…and these have got me EXCITED!

1) Stream your Windows Media Player library over the internet! You need a Windows Live ID that you associate with your Windows 7 user account using a tool you have to download. You need to have WMP 12 at both ends and then your home library will be listed under “other libraries” Giz says “Can’t do this in iTunes, buddy” 🙂

2) XP Mode: To encourage enterprise people to let loose and rock Windows 7, it runs a full-fledged Windows XP virtual environment using Microsoft’s Virtual PC. (Requires additional download)…this could be excellent for large corporates and increasing their adoption rates. More info on XP Mode here.

It also has loads of new , crazy backgrounds like this one:


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