Office Communicator Mobile for Java

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile for Java is a new enterprise messaging client built on the Java Platform Micro Edition. Thanks to John Westworth for the heads up on this.

 When deployed together with Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Communicator Mobile for Java enables several mobile phones that are otherwise not supported by native clients but have the capability to run Java applications to function as unified communications endpoints, providing instant messaging (IM), presence, and telephony to create a familiar experience for users of Microsoft Office Communicator.

Like Office Communicator users, Communicator Mobile for Java users can:

  • View Contact List and click to call.
  • View contacts’ presence.
  • Search enterprise directory and click to call.
  • Directly dial enterprise-routed calls from a mobile phone.
  • Benefit from Single Number Reach, where a user can be reached on the mobile phone like all other endpoints when contacted through one phone number assigned to the user.
  • Control incoming enterprise-routed cellular voice calls and choose to redirect them to Unified Enterprise Voice Mail.
  • Receive notifications of unread voice mail count and respond by calling voice mail (on selected models).
  • Initiate IM conversations with individuals and also add more participants to escalate conversations to IM Conferences.
  • Retrieve the phone book contacts from the phone into Communicator Mobile for Java and call those numbers from Communicator Mobile for Java

The following are prerequisites for installing the Communicator Mobile for Java client.

  • Nokia S60
  • Nokia S40
  • Motorola RAZR V3xx

Each of the mobile phones must also meet the following prerequisites:

  • Capable of running Java applications greater than 512 KB, and with a heap size of 2 MB.
  • Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0 (MIDP 2.0).
  • Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1 (CLDC 1.1).
  • Screen resolution:
    240×320 for Nokia S40 and Motorola RAZR V3xx phones.
    240X 320 or 320×240 for Nokia S60 phones.
  • Data-connection-enabled (GPRS, Edge, or 3G connection) mobile device. Subscription to an unlimited data plan on the mobile device is recommended, because the client and server will be exchanging messages even when they are in an idle state.

More info can be found on Technet here.

9 Replies to “Office Communicator Mobile for Java”

  1. Hello.

    Nice article – You just forgot to mention that the Java Client requires OCS 2007 R2 CWA component installed an functioning.

    Important !!

  2. Hello,

    I have tried to configure OC on my Nokia N95-8GB phone but doesnt seem to work. When OC is configured on Windows Mobile device it works with out any problems.

    Can you let me know where can i get support for this or can you let me know what might be the reason?

  3. Hello.

    Do you have the Communicator Web Access server inplace ?
    The java client must be configured to logon to the CWA server, NOT the OCS server…..

    There is also some funktionality that I miss.
    The presence don’t change when you are in a call or in a meeting.
    It seems like you have to change presence status manually.

    I prefer to wait for the “real” OCS client for Symbian S60.

  4. i’ve installed it on my nokia n79, but i cannot sign in because it says that my server is not available.

    you mentioned that CWA server is a prerequisite, if my company does not deploy that then my java application is useless right?

  5. Our IT team have told me my account is enabled for mobile access but I still can’t log on and they have no idea what to do.

    Using a Nokia N96 and all I get when I try to log in is the following:

    Cannot sign in
    Cannot sign in because the server is not configured correctly. Please contact your system administrator.

    CWA is installed and I can log in to that using the same details I’m using on my phone.

    In the application under Server Address (URL), do I just need to type the host name for the CWA server? I don’t need to include any https:// do I?

    I’ve tried it with and without just in case but get the same error.

  6. I have installed the OC Java client on my Nokia E71. CWA is working. Now, when I try to connect thru my phone client, the software initializes and logs in and then, immediately comes back to the log in screen. I have tried installing this on an E72 but the results are the same.

    Can anyone suggest what can be the reasons for this?


  7. i have installed communicator mobile (ver 1.0.6875.0) in my nokia n78 java midlet version 1.0.20 but i cant logon.

    what should be actual format to login via mobile? Or any additional requirement?

    I can login from pc communicator just giving email, password & server address : automatic
    or manualy
    My domain :grameenphone
    user id :smalek
    sip address :
    port :443
    port type TLS

    so please suggest how can i logon& tell me the actual format of should i type(domain/user, password, url etc. ) in mobile communicator? mail me at

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