Windows Mobile & Zune News

With only days to go until the start of the Mobile World Conference, there are more rumours and hints around Microsoft’s mobile based plans.

CNET report that on 22/01/09, MS split the Zune team into 2 divisions-“Software + Services” and “Hardware”. The interesting thing is that the head of the Hardware team, Tom Gibbons, also heads up hardware design for the Windows Mobile division-this definitely points to some synergy between the two in my book!

Enrique Rodriguez, head of Zune S+S, says that “Zune the service needs to transcend Zune the device” & “The goal is to make non-gaming entertainment a first-class citizen within Microsoft’s business“.

Gizmodo are reporting that while no specifics were mentioned, it was said that we can expect products other than the Zune to be using Zune Marketplace by the end of this year (2009).

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