MS Songsmith Remixes

Songsmith was one of Microsoft’s announcements at this year’s CES show and I didn’t pay it much attention to be honest-a program that adds music to your vocals just didn’t seem like much to get excited about.

How wrong I was!

We are witnessing a new meme being created at this very moment-people giving Songsmith the accapella’s of popular/classic songs and seeing what it comes up with music wise; I have to say some of them are fantastic.

Here we have:

Beatie Boys Intergalactic (courtesy of @Jonoble)

Wu-Tang: C.R.E.A.M

Police: Roxanne

and an oddly techno Wonderwall from Oasis

I’m not sure that these are the greatest advert for Songsmith as a serious product but they do help show that great music definitely requires a human touch 😉

You can grab a trial here and start to join in with what will hopefully become a truly popular meme. I’m gonna go dig out all my cd’s with accapellas on and see what I can come up with-if I get any gems I’ll post them up here 🙂

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