Over at The Register, they have tell of a outage that struck today and left over 900,000 people unable to access their apps and data for about an hour today, starting 12:00 pm PST (so about 20:00 GMT).

While it perhaps hasn’t affected many UK companies, having that many business users, particularly in the States offline, “paralyzes a small fraction of the world’s economy” to quote El Reg. In these tough economic times to have almost 1 million man hourswasted in a day (and that’s just the directly affected number, the knock on could well increase that number significantly) isn’t a particularly great advert for SAAS.

It does however help strengthen Microsoft’s strategy of Software PLUS Services (S+S), rather that Software AS a Service (SAAS). Microsoft’s S+S is based on users having some software installed on-premise and then complementing that with online services so if a style outage was to hit Microsoft-customers would have a much better chance to stay productive. Perhaps they wouldn’t have access to ALL the features but some are definitely better than none!

See my first impressions of using Microsoft’s S+S BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) here.

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  1. Interesting perspective. I doubt however that a S+S solution would fare much better. It’s kinda of like having a phone without any cell coverage.

    I think the most important thing in this situation is how Salesforce handles the downtime, both during and after the event. So far it hasn’t been impressive at all. I’ve been following it myself ( and I’m still waiting to see any real human response. Most absent was a clear line of communication during the event, basically leaving everyone in the dark. Not a hard thing to fix.

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